Friday, November 20, 2009

So nice to be home

I don't know that I can actually explain how happy I am to be home from the hospital. Hospitals are horrible places. There is always a smell that's a combination of formaldehyde, antiseptic, sickness, and crappy hospital food. It's either too hot or too cold, you can never get the  temperature just right. Every time you're about to fall asleep, they come in and bother you for something. Every time I shut my eyes, 5 minutes later, they were coming in to take my vitals, draw blood, do a breathing treatment, or some other ridiculous thing. I felt like a human pin cushion, between them drawing blood and putting in IVs. My veins have always been hard to find. They can see them just fine, until they put in the needle. As soon as the needle gets in my arm, the veins just disappear. They don't roll, they disappear. Anyway, thanks to multiple IVs and blood draws, I look like a junkie. I have bruises & needle marks all over both hands & arms.
The food they serve is awful. There was one meal they brought me that was allegedly pot roast. Pot roast usually means beef. I tasted one bite of the meat (I could only cut one bite off because I needed a chainsaw & all they gave me was a butter knife), and it tasted kind of like pork. You couldn't use the color of the meat to figure it out, either, because it was grey.
As if all of the regular hospital stuff wasn't enough, I got a nurse who was rather condescending about the fact that we homeschool. There is this Co-op type program in our city, except that the classes are taught by certified teachers, not the parents. It's a Christian program, so they use Christian materials for the subjects. They have a strict dress code, multiple fees, and it's mandatory to attend chapel. Basically, it seems like a private school that only has class 2 days a week. Anyway, so this nurse asked something about when the kids were getting out of school for the Thanksgiving break. My husband told her that we homeschool. She automatically assumed that we use the Christian program I just described. We told her that no, we don't use that program, we piece our curriculum together ourselves. Her response to that was "Oh. So, you don't use a Structured curriculum?" I wanted to smack her! Just because we don't use a prepackaged curriculum that tells me what to do & say for each subject, every day, or a part-time private school that dictates what my kids learn, that does NOT mean that we don't have structure or that there is something wrong with how we homeschool. I don't use the program she was asking about for multiple reasons - 1) I don't homeschool so that someone else can dictate what my kids learn, what materials we need to buy, how my kids can dress, what kind & how much jewelry they can wear, how long my son's hair can be, etc. 2) I'm not religious. Not all homeschoolers are Christian & I'm rather irritated that people just assume that I'm Christian because we homeschool. Since I'm not religious & my kids are allowed to choose their own religious path, I'm not going to use religious curriculum. 3) If I wanted my kids being taught by certified teachers, I'd have them in a public or private school. Basically, there is just nothing about that program that would fit in our lives or fit with the way we homeschool. However, just because I'm not involved in that program, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with the way we do school. Yet, this nurse had this condescending tone with me just because I'm not part of some program run by a church & taught by certified teachers. I was so angry. It was probably partly due to being sick. Having pneumonia doesn't exactly put me in the best mood. However, that wasn't all of it. She was really rude about it. She really seemed to think that we were doing something wrong because we're not part of this stupid program. Of course, I wasn't in any condition to defend our way of homeschooling or our choices, being as sick as I was. That just made it worse. My husband didn't seem to notice the tone of her voice & I was too sick to really say anything.
I am so glad to be home, away from needles, IVs, condescending nurses, terrible food, and uncomfortable beds. There's nothing like spending time in the hospital to remind you just how good your life really is.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, Dea seems to have gotten over the  flu quite well. Jay had a double ear infection. I haven't fared quite so well, though. Around the time the kids got sick, so did I. I went to the Dr with congestion, coughing, and a headache, figuring it was a sinus infection. They gave me a shot for the headache & sent me home. A few days later, I was back at the Dr. the coughing had gotten a lot worse, I had no appetite, a fever, and no energy. They gave me an inhaler and sent me home. I spent the next 5 days in bed, sleeping fitfully, with a fever of 105. I went to the Dr again. This time, they finally acknowledged that there was something wrong me. I was admitted into the hospital for pneumonia. I was released yesterday. I'm not fully recovered, still have 10 days on an antibiotic (a very expensive antibiotic) and need to have another chest x-ray in about a week. I'm starting to feel better, though.
I've promised my husband that I'll take it easy as I work on getting everything back to normal around here. There's a ton of work around the house that hasn't been done because I was sick & unable to do it. I think we'll spend this week & next getting caught up on the housework and getting the book inventory finished. Then, the week after Thanksgiving, we'll buckle down on school, doing extra every day until we break for Christmas. We've been off for weeks with everyone getting sick. Hopefully, we can still get caught up by Christmas.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Flu

Well, the flu has finally hit us. On Sunday, Dea started coughing. Monday, she was coughing, had a fever & a sore throat. Yesterday, she still wasn't feeling well, so we took her to the Dr. She has the flu. Today, Jay started coughing a little. He doesn't have a fever, just a cough. I'll keep an eye on him for the next day or two. If it doesn't get better, I'll take him to the Dr. Last year was the first time any of us had the flu. My husband got it last year. This year has been pretty bad health wise for us. Normally, none of us really get sick. We might get a cold once in a while, but not usually more than that. This year, we can't seem to keep all of us healthy for long.
Since the kids haven't been feeling well this week, no schoolwork has been done. I'm hoping that tomorrow they're feeling up to doing some school. There are certain things I'd like to have done by the time we break for Christmas. If we have to take off too many more days, those things won't be done by the break.
With everything we had going on over the weekend & the kids being sick this week, I haven't had a chance to do more work on the book inventory. I really need to get that done. It's driving me crazy having that project half finished.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

awful weekend

So, my Halloween sucked. We spent the entire day at home, waiting for the cops to call us back. They finally called today, a full 24 hours after we called the first time. With dealing with the break in, securing the garage door so nobody can get it open again, and dealing with the cops & Ins Co, I got nothing done this weekend. I was hoping to finish the book inventory, but haven't worked on it at all. We didn't really do any kind of Halloween celebration, since we weren't sure when the cops were going to call. All we ended up doing was watching an Addams Family marathon on TV. None of us were really in the mood to celebrate. It was such an awful weekend.
I'm determined not to let this continue to bother me. I won't even think about it anymore, unless we're talking to the police or Ins Co. I want this whole thing to be done & over. I hope the Ins Co pays out a decent amount & soon. That way, we can start replacing what's gone & end this whole mess.
Since it's November, I guess Jay will start studying Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's not exactly my favorite holiday, but he needs to learn about it. We celebrate Thanksgiving as a time to spend with family. I don't teach my kids those ridiculous stories about the so-called first Thanksgiving - how it was some fun, shared celebration, or that the Pilgrims invited the American Indians. Thats not how it happened. I won't teach my kids patriotic lies instead of true history. So, we'll start that tomorrow.