Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Family Brain

'The Family Brain' is what I call our family organizer. It is a binder that contains everything needed to keep the family organized and on time.

The first thing in it is a folder. This folder is where all incoming bills (the few we still get on paper) go. It is where the payment book for the car is kept. It is also where I put important pieces of mail that need to be dealt with.

Next is the 'Planning' section. This contains a 12 month calendar, on which I record all appointments, holidays, and birthdays that the family needs to know about.

Next is the 'Contacts' section. It contains emergency numbers, numbers for our Drs, numbers and addresses of family & family friends, etc. Basically, every number or address that we might need.

After that comes the 'Bills' section. This section has a bill payment tracker where I record the Date Due, Amount, Date Paid, & Amount Paid for each bill and annual membership.

Next comes the 'House & Car' section. This is where I keep track of work done to the car, work done to the house, household projects, decor projects, seasonal & holiday decor inventory lists, and seasonal chores.

The 'Family' section is next. This is where I keep gift wish lists for each of us, gift ideas, ideas for fun family activities, information (hours, admission fees, etc.) on museums and other places we visit or want to visit, etc.

'Medical' is the next section. It's where I keep records of our medical information - allergies, medical conditions, regular medications, and major events (like sugery).

The final section is the 'Family Metting' section. This is where I keep track of what we discuss in family meetings, what we need to discuss in future family meetings, etc.

This binder serves two purposes. The first is that it helps me to keep the family organized. The second is that, if something happens to me & my hubby needs to help with basic stuff like paying the bills & getting the kids to their appointmants, he'll be able to find all the information he needs in one place. Some of the forms in the binder were created using software from Franklin Covey. I made the rest, in Microsoft Word or Excel.

If you don't already have a family organizer, I urge you to make one. Having everything you need right at your fingertips makes life so much easier.