Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Final Choices for 2011-2012 School Year

I have finalized the list of materials & the exact topics to be covered for the next school year. Some of the materials we already have, the rest we'll be buying next month.

Jay - Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course w/CD/DVD
        Recorder & instructional book
        Continue guitar lessons with dad & practice at least 3 days a week
Dea - Continue to study various different musicians (her choice this year)
          Recorder & instructional book

Dea - she has chosen an in-depth study of 5 artists & their works
Jay - various projects, mostly related to Social Studies, but some more Art specific

Jay - Latin For Children Primer A
Dea - Latin For Children Primer A with Jay (her choice to do this)
         Oxford Latin (possibly also helping tutor her cousin in Latin)

Computer Programming:
Both - Logo Adventures

Both - Tell Me More

Both - continue using Signing Time DVDs and various other DVDs from library

Dea - Life of Fred, not sure which level(s) she'll be doing, depends on what she finishes this year
Jay - Mastering Mathematics from wherever he leaves off this year (looks like he'll start next year with quick review of Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication and then focus on Division), will also do the sections in his Subtraction book on subtracting time & measurement
        Key to..... series for Measurement & Metric Measurment

Dea - Anatomy & Physiology using a college text we have as a spine, and adding in some supplementals like anatomy coloring books, software, and some projects
          Intro to Psychology using college text we have
Jay - more Magic School Bus based Science using MSB kits & MSB Teacher Created Science/Literature Units for:
    Slime (this one is just for fun)
we'll also be supplementing with MSB DVDs, and various other DVDs & books

Language Arts/English;
Dea - this is year 2 high school English
          Easy Grammar 10
          Put That in Writing
          literature focus is Mythology & Legends
Jay - Easy Grammar 2
         Grammar Tales
         Discover the Deck (writing program)
         continue to read at least 1 hour per day, books of his choice, from a range of genres & writing styles

Jay - various supplemental materials & lots of projects
        topics: Vikings, Ancient China, Native American history
Dea - 1st year high school history: Ancient Civilizations: A Comparative Study

Geography/Cultural Studies:
Dea - done with Geography, Cultural Studies combined with History
Jay - Map Corner (program that teaches Map Skills)
        World Geography and You
Even though each program is meant to be used in 1 year, I'm combining them, adding extra depth, and stretching them over 3-4 years

Dea - taking year off from Logic
Jay - Logic Safari book 1 and various Logic puzzles from various books of logic puzzles

I have already planned some of these courses entirely. Some, I have planned everything I can until new materials arrive. Others I can't even start until the new materials get here.  Once I have all the materials, I can finalize plans regarding how many & what projects Jay will do for History; how many & what Labs Jay will do for Science; and basic stuff like how many pages/lessons/chapters/units/ per day/week will be done in each subject. I'll post a more comprehensive plan once I have all the planning finalized.

I know this looks like a lot, but much of it has been requested by the kids. We are very flexible in our plans & change whenever we need to. For instance, this year I had planned for Dea to do LOF Beginning Algebra & Advanced Algebra. She could have easily done both this year. However, due to her extreme hatred of the subject, she has decided to stretch it out & will likely only finish Beginning Algebra this year. We are purchasing LOF Geometry & Trig for next year, in case she finishes both Algebra courses this year or decides to do extra Math next year, even though I doubt that will be the case. To graduate, I require they do at least: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, and 1 year of Accounting. As long as she gets those done, I'm fine with her not going further. Though, she may need to go further for her career choice. That's something she'll have to deal with herself, though. What I require is more than our local district requires for graduation, and is enough to get her into any college (I've yet to find a college that requires Trig, Pre-Calc, Calc, etc). Jay has requested computer programming, but I will have him drop it if it is too much for him (or he can drop it if he doesn't like it). Spanish is a language I require, but if it's too much for him this year, we'll put it off another few years.