Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok, I know that some people think I'm a bit harsh. I have posted several times about my issues with the immature way some people behave. I even admitted, on a homeschool forum, that I take what people say with a grain of salt , knowing that it may or may not be true. In other words, I don't believe every thing that everyone says. Sorry, but I'm not naive enough to believe that everyone is honest. Some people lie. Some people exaggerate. Not everyone, but some people. So, some people think I'm harsh. Some think I'm a bit of a b*tch. Of course, everyone's entitled to an opinion, and I'm fine with the fact that there are people that don't like me or my views.

However, before you accuse me of being harsh or being a b*tch, keep in mind that I keep it generalized. I don't mention screen names, or even specific sites. I don't call people out. I don't respond to their posts and tell them they're full of b.s. I don't post quotes from their different posts to show the inconsistencies. I don't point out when things they claim their kid did were developmentally impossible for their age. I don't give specifics. I could do those things. I could call people out. I could point out inconsistencies and impossibilities. I could trot out statistics or quote Scientific evidence. I don't, though. I'm nice enough to let these people go on with their delusions of grandeur. I'm nice enough to not publicly embarrass them by telling everyone they're full of it.

Now, if you still want to think I'm harsh or a b*tch, fine. Just remember, though, I could be a lot worse. Also, keep in mind that this is MY blog. It's going to be written from my perspective. It is going to have my opinions. I write from my point of view. I write about my experiences, my thoughts, my ideas, etc. Even when I'm on a forum & not here on my blog, I'm not going to pretend, exaggerate, or lie. Now, I'll admit that I can be a bit blunt, and sometimes the truth hurts. I'm really not trying to be rude or hurtful, but sometimes it happens. I don't mean to offend & apologize if I do. However, I don't apologize for my point of view. I don't apologize for being honest. I don't apologize for being me.