Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Jay has AWFUL penmanship. He still doesn't write with lowercase letters. He forms his letters in odd ways. He's driving me nuts! He won't even really try to improve. When I can get him to write with lowercase letters, they are the same size as his capital letters. Everything he writes is HUGE. I have to constantly tell him to erase them & write it smaller. He puts large spaces between letters, for no reason at all.

We're finishing off the Explode the Code series this year. It has been review for him since the beginning, except book 4 (which covered syllables). Since he doesn't need the reading/phonics practice, we're using it for Spelling/Vocab & Penmanship practice. He's working on it right now, is almost done with the 4th page for the day, and it has been almost an hour. There is no reason for this to take an hour. Maybe he's distracted by the fact that Dea is working in the same room (she's usually in another room while he does this), or maybe it's the fact the Hubby is home today (his grandfather died last night, so he's taking some time off).n Whatever it is, something is causing him to drag this out today, and it's driving me CRAZY!

I won't make him use a program for penmanship or even force copy work. To me, that would be a waste of time. His penmanship will improve with time, and he gets plenty of practice writing for other subjects. He has enough subjects to focus on without having to try to fit penmanship into his day, as well. I know he'll improve. He's made improvements this year, he just still isn't to where I'd like him to be.

This is his weakest area. It is the only area that a school could even attempt to tell me that he isn't where he 'should' be. I know I'm lucky, and I'm not complaining (not really). I'm lucky that penmanship is the area he struggles most. I know that. I'm just venting because I've just spent an HOUR trying to get him to properly write the answers on 4 pages. I'm trying to get him to write correctly (and legibly). Yesterday, he was drawing dinosaur mouths eating the words he wrote (dino teeth make it very hard to read).