Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Been MIA

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Things have been a bit busy around here.

We got 2 new cats. The one we already had is finally getting over it & forgiving us for it. The previous owners, of the newest additions, had been dealing with an ear mite infestation with all their pets. The kitties have been scratching (we think the previous batch of mites laid eggs & they just hatched), so we're trying to get rid them before our next cat joins our household.

The kids & I all seem to have caught a cold. Though the kids are getting past it much faster than I am. It hasn't been bad enough to put off schoolwork, though. They've been fairly busy with school, trying to finish their work by the end of next month. We haven't been able to get taxes done yet, so we're still waiting on buying materials for next year.

I've been working on planning next year. I've got the main plan done - the exact topics for each subject & materials picked out for each. Now, I'm focused on detailed plans for each course. So far, I'm done with Algebra 2, Intro to Psych, Dea's History (Ancient Civilizations: A Comparative Study), Art for both kids, Music for both kids, and Jay's Geography. I've done as much as I can do before the new materials get here for Anatomy & Physiology, Dea's English, and Jay's Math. The only other course I can do entirely before new materials get here is Dea's Latin. I can get some done for Jay's Science & History, so I'm working on those. I don't have to do any planning for Spanish since we're using Tell Me More & it plans it out for them. I also don't really have to plan out ASL since they are mainly using Signing Time DVDs for it, and our plan basically consists of "watch one DVD several times each week and practice the signs whenever possible."

I'm having a lot of fun planning History for Jay next year. We'll spend roughly the first half of the year on Ancient China & Vikings. For China, we'll make paper & a compass, and discuss those inventions as well as other important inventions from Ancient China (gunpowder, crossbow, seismograph, etc). We'll study Taoism Confucius, and Buddha. We'll discuss the important contributions they made to Mathematics. We'll also discuss the Great Wall, and I'm looking ot see if I can find a reasonably priced 3d puzzle or model of the wall theat he can build. We'll either make some Chinese food or go get dinner from a good Chinese restaurant. For Vikings, we'll make a Viking house, rune stones, and food. We'll study the ships, warfare, daily life, explorers, etc.  We'll also visit some websites and watch some documentaries about both topics.
The other half of the year, History will focus on Native American History & cultures. We're going to havve so much fun with this one. We'll study the cultures of the different tribes, food, clothing, & houses of the different regions. We'll make a variety of foods, build at least one type of house, make a Great Turtle & a buffalo out of clay. I'm introducing him to leatherwork. We're getting a drum to decorate & making a dreamcatcher. We'll also be keeping track of his finished projects with a stick; he'll add a feather to it for each finished project/assignment. It will be similar to a coup stick, but instead of tracking brave deeds of warfare, it will track his learning experiences related to this specific topic. We might also get a flute and learn to play.

So, that's what I've been up to lately. Hopefully, it won't take this long for me to get back for the next post.