Saturday, February 26, 2011

Materials & planning

We've been busy lately! Jay is almost done with all his work. He should be done completely in a few weeks. Dea is moving quite quickly, too. She seems to be so psyched about next year that she has finally decided to finish off this year. Jay is going to have more left to Mastering Multiplication than I thought he would, but that's fine with me. He's been spending most of his daily hour of educational computer time playing Timez Attack & is doing great with his multiplication. He just isn't moving through the book very quickly because there have been quite a few days that we decided to skip bookwork and play Math games instead. He's still learning & reviewing, and that really is all that matters.

Most of the materials, for next year, are here! There are still a few things I need to order. I'll post pics of all their stuff for next year, once it's all here. I've been busy with the final, detailed planning, now that the new materials are here. Some of the courses I don't really need to plan. Tell Me More Spanish plans for you. ASL consists mainly of watching dvds (Signing Time & some others we've found at the library). They a dvd a few times each week & practice the signs. They have to do at least a week on each dvd. Dea is doing her last year of Music History & Appreciation. She has to research & write a short bio on a different musician or band each week. Previous years have included a list of important musicians for her to choose from. Next year will be entirely her choice.
Some of the courses require just a little planning. Music for Jay consists of instrument practice most days and informal study of genres and the bands/musicians in each. Art for Dea is an in-depth study of 5 artists & their work. Art for Jay is very connected with History - origami while studying Ancient Asia, leatherwork & working with clay during many of his projects for Native American history - and a few additional topics. Jay's Logic workbook only has 30-some lessons. So, it's one lesson per week from that, with some random logic puzzles thrown in on other days.
Some courses, though, are a bit more involved. We don't use a complete Language Arts program, we piece it together from various things. So, I have to figure how to fit Grammar & Writing together, even though they are different programs. We do a word-a-day thing for Vocab/Spelling. Jay's reading is entirely up to him, at this point. He just has to discuss the books he reads, so I know he read & understood them. In a few years, he'll have to do a project or Literature Study Guide for the books he reads. Dea, since she's doing her high school English, has a specific focus for the Literature portion each year. This year was Plays & Poetry. Next year will be Mythology & Legends (which coincides with her study of Ancient Civs for History). Science also involves combining several materials to make a single course, as does History. So, I've been a bit busy planning. The planning also takes time because of hte amount of courses to plan (Jay has 12 & Dea has 10 next year).

So, the kids are thrilled & can hardly wait to get to next year's work, and I'm having a blast planning it all.