Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh How Things Change

Our local Community College holds classes for elementary school-aged kids. When I was young, my parents signed me up for several. I took classes in French, Astronomy, Nature Science, Model Rocketry, etc. I loved doing those classes. I wanted my kids to have the opportunity to take some of those classes, too. Unfortunately, I can't bring myself to sign them for any of them.

I refuse to pay almost $100 so my kid (4th - 8th grade only) can do Paper Mache, when both kids can do it at home for a lot less money. I think it's insane to pay almost $100 for my kid to learn about Fairies or Princesses, or over $100 for my kid to dress up like a super hero.

Jay would probably love the Greeks & Gladiators classes, but it's only for grades 3-4. Both kids would like the CSI class, but Jay is too young & Dea is too old. The only foreign languages offered are Spanish (which we already have a program for them to learn) and Chinese (which neither has an interest in learning).

Not to mention that so many of the classes are only 4-5 sessions each. So, you pay anywhere from $50 - $150 (depending on the class), and you get a short intro to a subject. I guess I can see how it might be useful if you are trying to find some interests for your child other than video games and tv. However, for us, this just doesn't make sense. My kids have plenty of interests, so we don't need to sign them up for classes to find an interest for them. They also have plenty of time to persue their interests, and likely know more about their areas of interest than they would learn in these short classes anyway.

Every year, I've looked through the course list, hoping to find something worth paying for, only to be disappointed. I guess it's time to give up on even thinking about having them take any of these classes.