Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning and end of school year

I'm spring cleaning the house. My wonderful husband is picking up some dust masks for me tomorrow. The dust & cat hair, that is being disturbed by the deep cleaning, is causing awful coughing fits. It's never really been a problem before, even with my asthma. We're thinking that it's because of the new cats. More cats = more cat hair & dander. Thinking about it now, having 6 cats when I was younger caused breathing problems, just not the coughing fits. I guess this just means that we all have to put in more effort to stay on schedule with the chores/cleaning. In addition to the deep cleaning every room is getting, we're also filling boxes for donation. The first batch of boxes for donation will be dropped off this week.

Jay is almost done with 1st grade. He has decided not to do the last few labs for Science. He already understands the concepts they cover, and he doesn't feel like growing mold on bread right now. He only has one project left for History. He has decided not to do the final exhibits for Science and History. We have so much going on right now, and he has decided that the exhibits would be too much to add to what's already going on. Since the exhibits are optional & the labs are to help with comprehension & to keep it fun, I'm cool with him choosing not to do them.

So, all Jay has left for 1st grade is the one project for History, Lesson 13 & the Posttest for Explode the Code book 8, and a few chapters of Song School Latin.

Dea still has some work in English, a little Biology, and a lot of work in Geography to finish. We aren't putting any time limits on her Math. We've told her what Math needs to be done to graduate. We have all the programs we need for Math, except Accounting, which I'll get next year or the year after. So, she can do them at her own pace, in the order she chooses to do them. She's convinced that she won't be done with the work for this school year by the end of the month. She's a bit upset about it, since she wanted to start the next school year at the same time as her brother. I think she could do it, if she really buckled down and spent most of the day on school for the next few weeks.

Dea is not happy with the fact that she will have a schedule for school, starting in April. I tried explaining that we have to put her on a schedule if the work is going to get done. She had her opportunity to prove that she could so the work, on her own, without a schedule or plan telling her how much to do each week or how much time to spend each day. What we learned from that is that she will work on the stuff she finds interesting and avoid everything else. She'd end up with nothing but subjects she hates for her last year of high school. She'll get to help set the schedule, and I hope that helps. I'm really just not in the mood to fight anymore. She's been so volatile lately. She's been off her meds for almost a week, which I'm sure is playing a big role in her behavior. We have to see her psychiatrist every 3 months for them to continue to write the Rx for her meds, but  they cancelled the last appointment. We rescheduled, but her appointment isn't until later this month, so they wouldn't write the Rx when we ran out last week.