Friday, March 4, 2011

Week in Review

What did we get done this week? Hmmmmmmmm... let me think.

I went to the Dr and got some medications for whatever it is that I've had for the last 2 months. I'm still coughing, but my voice is finally coming back. Dea wasn't feeling good on Wednesday. She had a headache, a stomachache, and was really congested. Plus, two of the cats appear to have colds. Winter and all of it's illnesses can go away now!

Dea is doing great in some of her subjects, and not so great in others. She really needs to pull up her grade in Geography. She also needs to kick her butt into gear to finish up her Math. Her Biology is almost done. She's got some labs to do, the test for Unit 5, all of Unit 6 (including the unit test), and the final exam. She still has a decent amount of Grammar & Writing left, too. If she really buckles down and works, she could still get it all done by the end of March. I don't think she will, though. She's taking a break every 20 minutes or so. She's actually choosing to do chores instead of her school work. She's been informed that I will continue to be lenient about this until the end of the month. Since our 'break' is over at the end of March, she will be put on a schedule as of April and will no longer have the option to choose what work she does each day.

Jay is doing a great job in all of his subjects. He enjoys school so much. It's fantastic. Right now, he's finishing up some bookwork & he's just got a few projects left to finish up. He's doing Math pages about 3 days a week and playing Timez Attack almost daily. He has a few labs left, which we'll do next week.  We're hoping to do his exhibits for Science & History, but I'm not sure if we will. He was working on several things at once, so it would be easier to do just one exhibit for each subject, covering all the topics at once. That would mean his Science exhibit would be on Insects and Spiders, Human Body, and Germs. His History exhibit would be on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. We might do it. We'd like to, it all just depends on if we have the time (this is a busy time for us).

Almost all of our materials, for next year, are here. We're just waiting on one more box. It will be here next week. The planning is pretty much done. I still need to create the Notebooking Pages for some of Jay's topics. Of course, there's also minor things like picking up some more paper, some tri-fold display boards, pens, etc.

So, that was our week. We're working on finishing this year, finishing planning for next year, and trying to have fun with it all. If the weather permits, we'll be outside this weekend doing dissections, spray painting a trojan horse, and staining a jewelry box.