Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grade 2 Week 1 Week in Review

I posted early Wednesday morning with what Jay did on Monday & Tuesday. I'm going to include the stuff he did on those in this post, for a full review of his week.

Math: Mastering Multiplication p. 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, played TimezAttack several times
Easy Grammar grade 2: days 1 - 5
Grammar Tales: read Chicken in the City (noun book), discussed types of nouns (singular, plural, common, proper, concrete, abstract), listed different types of nouns, made a chart of the types of nouns (I chose 3 letters & he came up with a noun for each type of noun & each letter, will post pic below)
Discover the Deck: p. 1 - 11
Geography: Map Corner p.1 - 5, discussed maps & their importance and the history of maps (overview obviously)
Latin for Children: chap 1, dvd lesson, text, activity book, practice words (quiz will be tomorrow since we took Friday off)
Logo Adventures: lesson 1, worked together first time, practiced on his own several times
Free Reading: 1 hour per day, finished The Hunted, The Beast From the East, Dinosaur Wars: Allosaurus vs. Brachiosaurus
Music: guitar lesson on Mon, guitar practice 3 days, recorder practice 1 day; may be taking a break on guitar for a while since he has trouble holding hte guitar correctly
Tell Me More Spanish: 30 minutes one day, 1 hour one day
Logic Safari book 1: Lesson 1
History: watched Ancient China: A Journey Back in Time, read Ancient China Time Travel Guide, wrote in his Ancient China travel journal, tried to watch a lecture from Harvard Extension school but sound was garbled, will try to watch another lecture tomorrow
Science: MSB kit planet poster, watched MSB Gets Lost in Space, watched MSB Out of This World, read MSB Lost in Solar System, read 13 Planets, worked on space log, watched Bill Nye Astronomy, played MSB Lands on Mars on computer
Art: started Origami, spent one day making a basic form, spent one day trying to make hens, didn't work very well, we might not spend much time on this since he doesn't really put a lot of effort into making crisp creases or folding at the right place
ASL: Signing Time Practice Time 123s dvd, practice numbers

Dea showed improvement this week. She's still fighting about Math & Geography. Though, she had no problem with getting down to work, without even having to be told to start school. That might not be a lot of progress, but it is progress.

They also spent time outside riding bikes and playing with neighborhood kids. Jay spent Saturday morning at a soccer game with his grandma. He had so much fun! This was actually a pretty good week.