Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grade 2 Week 1

Monday, April 4th, Jay will start 2nd grade. So, I spent some tiem on Saturday getting together the materials for his first week. Each of us has a canvas basket to hold the needed materials for the week. My basket holds teacher editions, materials for projects, activities, & experiments, and  some basic supplies. The kids' baskets hold books, workbooks, their binders, and cd cases that hold cds & dvds they need for the week. Only materials we own go in the baskets. Library materials and dvds from Netflix have places of their own, so they don't get lost or destroyed. Also, only pre-planned materials go in the baskets. If we choose something at the last minute, it's kind of difficult to have it in the basket already.  :)

This year, instead of printed schedules that I fill in with plans for the week, I'm  keeping track in a notebook. In the notebook, each week will have a two-page spread. One page will have a detailed list of what I had planned for the week. The other page will have a detailed list of what we did. This way, I'll have a good idea of how much work he's doing in each subject, where we can add more work, and where we might need to back off a bit. It should also show which types of assignments he prefers, excels at, struggles with, and dislikes. I've chosen the notebook, instead of printed pages, to save on money, ink, paper, and room in one of our binders.

It will be a busy week, but a fun one! Jay is really excited about it. He's thrilled with the fact that I am allowing him to decide if he will do Notebooking Pages or not. He loves the idea of doing a Space Log (a journal in which he will record his study of Astronomy, as if he is really traveling in space) instead of Notebooking Pages. Plus, he's really enjoying telling everyone that he's finished 1st grade and is moving on to 2nd grade. He's very proud of that.