Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light week for school

We're doing a light week for school this week. Last week, I was doing soooooooo much better. My voice was almost back to normal. I had almost completely stopped coughing. I went days without coughing to the point of gaging.

Then, we went grocery shopping. While at the store, I started coughing again, huge coughing fits. Now, I've gotten bad again. I'm coughing all day, coughing until I gag, and my voice is almost gone.

So, we're trying to avoid making me talk as much as possible. We're still going to do some work, but we're staying away from things that involve a lot of talking. For Jay's schooling, we're doing ASL, Art, Language Arts, Spanish (Tell Me More is completely on the computer), Logic, and Geography. He'll get some extra practice on lesson 1 for Logo Adventures & chapter 1 for Latin For Children, since I would have to talk if we moved on. For Science & History, we'll watch some of the educational dvds and do some of the projects & activities. Dea will still do pretty much all of her work. She really isn't doing much that requires me to do a lot of talking.

We called the specialist we were told to contact, if the the last round of treatment didn't work. We can't get in to see the doctor until May, though. 3 1/2 more weeks. I'm really not looking forward to waiting that long to fix this. I'm really hoping that I get over this sompletely before then. This week, we're going to a different grocery store, since there seems to be something at our regular store that sets this off. Hopefully, that will help. I know it sounds kind of nuts to say that I think I'm allergic to the grocery store, but that really seems to be it.