Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Schedule

I started out Jay's 2nd grade year with a plan to keep track of our planned & actual work in a notebook. The plan was to have a 2-page spread for each week. It is now 4 weeks since we started the year, but we're still in Week 2 of work. This will drive me batty if it continues. So, I was thinking about it, and I think I've come up with the perfect solution.

I'm going to split the school year into 3 terms of 15 weeks each. After each term, he will get a 1-2 week break. This will extend our school year from 40 to 45 weeks. That extension will give us a cushion to finish all our work. It will also allow us to fit in more work than we had originally anticipated. I think this new schedule will make planning much easier for me. I will still use the notebook, but there will be a slight change. Now, each subject will have a section in the notebook, 2-4 pages, for each term. That way, I can plan for the whole 15 weeks at once. With 15 weeks planned out, instead of one week, I won't have to worry about the days when we don't get much (or any) school work done, because it will even out by the end of the term. I will also be putting Dea on the same type of schedule when she starts 8th. They will still be on different schedules, but the same concept of 3 terms of 15 weeks.

I also think this will be good for the kids. They'll know "I have school this week through that week, then 2 weeks off." It should also help with their time management skills. I think the specific knowledge of exactly when they have school & when their breaks are will help. The deadline of the end of term should also help out a lot. Right now, we don't really have set deadlines for school work. I think that putting deadlines in place will be a good thing.

We'll be starting this next week. Jay will be getting a copy of what is expected in the term. He will know exactly what work needs to be done. He will be able to use his copy of the plan to keep track of what he has done. Of course, when Dea starts 8th grade, she'll also get a copy of the plan for each term.