Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Room

We have, over the years, gone back & forth on the idea of having a school room. We have had a school room, but not used it. So, we changed it back to another room. Mainly, it has been the dining room/school room, with the only point of the school room being storage of school materials. Most recently, our school materials have been stored in the dining room and the arts &crafts room, except their desks which have been in their closet.

Lately, the kids have been asking me to pull out their desks. So, this week has been spent turning the dining room into an actual school room, since that's what they want. It has taken a little work, which is not easy when you can't breathe, but we're finally done with the school room.
Here's before:

Yes, that is black plastic over the windows. It was originally put up for a Halloween party, but we left it up because the kids destroyed the shades.
A large part of this project was cleaning. The kids aren't great at cleaning up after themselves. This room was clean the day before I took these pics. My kids are like natural disasters. They can take a room from spotless to totally trashed in a matter of seconds.

Here's the after:

I turned the bookcase sideways, the school cabinet is on the other side of it. The curtains are temporary & made from Jay's old Cars bedsheets. The desk in this pic is Dea's.
Here's a side view of the bookcase & cabinet.

This is Jay's desk. We'll raise it up leter today, so he can sit in the chair at the desk. The chest of drawers, in the closet, has paper & other art supplies. The 3-drawer chest next to the tv also has art supplies. I still haven't figured out where the world map will go (it was on the front of the bookcase).

Turning the dining room into a school room means also rearranging some other areas of the house, as well. They can't do much of their work sitting near each other, so we have to have a table in the office for them.
Here's the before:

We haven't really used this table for anything, and it's way too short for anyone to sit at.

Here's the after:

This is a small kitchen table I've had forever (it used to be my great-grandma's).

The arts & crafts room also needed to be rearranged.

Again, a large part was getting it clean again. I'm not sure if you can tell, but the school cabinet, the chest of drawers that is now in the school room closet, and the table that is now in the office were all in the arts & crafts room.

Here's the after:

Not a bad job for 3 days of work.