Monday, April 11, 2011

Stupid Grocery Store

I think our normal grocery store raised their prices. Plus, we're spending a bit more right now, because we are buying more fresh produce. Those two combined mean that our last grocery bill was ridiculously high (for us, anyway). Add to that the fact that I think I'm allergic to that store, and our last shopping trip wasn't exactly a great one. Yes, I said I think I'm allergic. I've been having breathing issues & coughing, since January, due to inflammation in my throat & lungs. I was finally doing better, my voice was almost normal, and I had gone days without coughing. Then, we went to the grocery store. While there, I started coughing, bad coughing fits. By the time we got home, I was feeling awful. I spent most of the rest of the weekend in bed. I'm feeling better again, now. So, since I was fine before the grocery store and am better now, I'd say signs point to something at the grocery store.

Anyway, grocery store allergy aside, I need to cut back on our food bill. So, I figure the first step is cutting out meals where we each get a chunck of meat or a whole chicken breast. I have a beef roast in the fridge. I was going to make pot roast, but have decided against it. Instead, I'm going to cut it up and turn it into at least 2 meals.

Tonight, we'll have beef stew.
Beef - chopped, sauteed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & worchestershire sauce in large pot

remove beef from pan & set aside
add flour & a little oil to pan, make a dark roux
add box of beef broth and 2cups water
return beef to pot
add chopped red potatoes, peeled & chopped parsnips, and chopped carrots
add fresh sage & fresh dill, finely diced
dried parsley, fresh ground pepper, and sea salt to taste

cook covered, over low heat, for 1-2 hours, adding water or broth as needed

Normally, I would use some wine or ale as part of the liquid, but we don't have any in the house right now & I'm not willing to spend any more money this week. I wasn't planning on making beef stew this week, so I'm making due with what I have on hand. Luckily, I have enough to make a decent stew. It won't be the best I've ever made, but it'll be pretty good.