Thursday, April 28, 2011

thoughts, ideas, ramblings

I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to try to do a detailed plan a week at a time. I have always done multiple weeks, and it worked fine. I have finished splitting up Jay's 2nd grade as terms & am working on planning out Dea's 8th grade as terms. It is so simple this way. I'm already feeling more relaxed about the school year.

Since I was working on redoing the planning method this week, the 1st term for 2nd grade will start next Monday. So, I'm not being too strict about them getting a lot of work done this week. My birthday is this weekend, so they are making me birthday cards today. We have done some work this week, just not a lot.

I had an idea today. Jay has Dyslexia & Dea might have mild Dyslexia. I ended up buying All About Spelling to help with their spelling issues. It is an Orton-Gillingham based, multi-sensory approach to spelling, and teaches spelling rules not specific words. Anyway, we were practicing the ASL alphabet today, and it hit me. I can have them do fingerspelling along with their spelling program & when we come across words they seem to really struggle with. If they have to stop to think about spelling it, to spell it out with ASL, it might help them cement the proper spelling. So, we will be incorporating fingerspelling into our school day.

Tonight's dinner will be grilled Mahi Mahi, golden potatoes, and baked acorn squash. Tonight is Dea's night to help. Jay helped last night. We had pot roast, buttered noodles, and salad. Tomorrow, we're going out for Chinese for lunch. It's my birthday lunch. The guys don't like Chinese & getting it from a good restaurant is expensive. So, we only have it one or two times a year. It's what I have chosen for my birthday meal. So, we'll go out for lunch and I'll cook dinner. I'm hoping to make roasted chicken for dinner tomorrow, but that will depend on if the chicken has thawed by then.