Saturday, April 16, 2011

Turnoff Week 2011

Next week, April 18 - 24 is Turnoff Week. Previously known as Turn-Off TV Week, the point is to get people everywhere to turn off their tvs, computers, smartphones, etc. We all know that too much screen time isn't good for you. Turnoff Week is a great idea.
That said.................

We will not be participating in Turnoff Week this month. It is meant to get people to spend more time together as a family. We spend time together. We eat meals together. We go to parks, go on hikes, have family game nights, family movie nights, visit museums, etc. We are all voracious readers and each have hobbies of our own.

I'll admit that one of the reasons we're not doing it is the health issues I'm currently dealing with. Until we figure out what keeps setting off the coughing fits & inflammation in my lungs (which makes breathing a bit difficult), getting out to do things is a bit challenging. We are having a family movie night tonight. We're going to pop some popcorn, turn off the lights, and watch the new Harry Potter. Assuming that our trip to the grocery store this morning doesn't make me worse, we're planning to go to a car show this weekend, too.

Another reason is that we use media for school. If we cut out all tv & computer, that would eliminate multiple classes for the whole week.

Yesterday, I told the kids and hubby that we were going to observe Turnoff Week, just to see their reactions. Jay was really upset about it because it would mean not being able to do Spanish, Logo Adventures, play TimezAttack, watch our ASL dvds, or watch episodes of When We Left Earth (an 11 episode documentary series about NASA and space exploration that we started watching this week for school). Dea was upset because we had already gone to the library and she did not pick up any books on WWII, so she would not be able to do any research for History next week (she's already gone through all the books we own on WWII). Hubby was fine with it, but knew that I wasn't serious.

Maybe we'll do the next one, in September. That way we can plan to take a break from school for the week, let everyone know we'll be doing it (so they know why we aren't answering email, updating the school site, updating my blog, etc.), make sure bills that need to be paid that week are set up, etc. Besides, Autumn is a better season for my asthma anyway, so we'll be able to do more outside that week (assuming we don't get rain all week like they're predicting for this coming week).

So, while I think that Turnoff Week is a great idea & completely support the idea, we won't be observing it this time around.