Tuesday, May 3, 2011

8th grade plans

I haven't posted much on here about the plans for Dea's 8th grade year. This is mainly because she isn't done with 7th yet & I thought I'd wait until closer to her new school year. Well, she will hopefully be done with 7th in the next 5-6 weeks. So, I figured I'd post the plans for her for 8the grade.

Science: Anatomy &Physiology - college text as spine, anatomy coloring book, various websites, blood-typing lab, additional reading & activities, various other resources as available (HS credit)
Intro to Psych - college text as spine, human brain coloring book, various websites, additional reading, various other resources as available (HS credit)

History: Ancient Civilizations: A Comparative Study - This is a course Dea & I designed together. There is a list of required civilizations & a list of optional for additional credit civilizations. There's a list of topics to be covered. for each topic, she will research all reuired civilizations & any optional ones she chooses. She is required to do a project for each topic. Each project will be graded on on how many civilizations are covered, neatness, quantity & quality of info, and how easy it is to follow. (HS credit)

Spanish: Tell Me More Spanish, at own pace, at least 30 minutes 2 days/week (HS credit)

Latin: Oxford Latin Course (HS credit)
Latin for Children primer A, doing this with Jay, so she can talk to him with the same words he's learning

Computer Programming: Logo Adventures move at own pace

ASL: Signing Time dvds and other dvds

English: Easy Grammar 10, Put That in Writing level 1, Literature portion focused on Mythology &Legends, using All About Spelling to see if we can help her mild dyslexia issues (we're calling them dyslexia-lite issues) (HS credit)

Music: recorder practice at least one day a week (so far she has shown no interest in playing any other instrument), 1 musicain bio per week (HS credit)

Art: in-depth study of Giotto di Bondone, Vincent van Gogh, Joseph Stella, Frank Llyod Wright, and Norman Rockwell and their work (HS credit)

Math: Alg 2 (there's no way she'll finish it before 8th starts, even though she should have), and Geometry (HS credit)

Like Jay's school year, Dea's will be split into 3 terms of 15 weeks each. This means that I may actually need to add some work to the end of the year for her. I'll wait to do that, though. I'll be giving her a binder each term. The binder will have her copy of the planned work for that term and will also serve as a place for her to keep all her work for that term. That way, all she has to do is hand in the binder, when I need to grade her work. This will be great for her organizationally. It will put her in charge of her schedule & place all the responsibility & accountability on her. She'll have the deadlines of when the work needs to be finished, a complete list of everything that is expected, and a place to store the work. Basically, she'll have all the tools she needs & will just need to put them to good use.

Here are the pics of most of her materials for 8th grade: