Monday, May 9, 2011

Catching Up, Kind of

Last week, we were doing great, until Thursday. Between Thursday & Friday, very little actually got done because of my migraine on Thursday and my dr's appointment on Friday. So, we are kind of getting caught up this week. We don't really have to 'catch up,' since we don't have a strict schedule to follow. We aren't really expecting the kids to spend too much time outside this week, since we're expecting rain every day this week. So, we figure we can put in some extra focus on our school work.

Dea has changed her mind about doing 1 subject per week & getting each subject done in a week. She has instead decided to focus on 2 subjects at a time, so there's a bit of variety, and work until they are done. Right now, she's focusing on English & Biology. Over the weekend, she finished her dissections for Biology. Last week, she took the test for Unit 5 in Biology. That leaves just one Unit and she'll be done with Biology. She spent most of today working on English.

Jay got through Step 1 in AAS this morning. YAY! I knew he'd get past that block, once he adjusted to the program. He did day 19 & 20 in EG. We discussed proofreading & revising in Writing. We read The Bug Book, the Adjective book in GT. 

He then did p.54 in Mastering Multiplcation. It was only 12 problems, all 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication. He's already firmly got the concept, even though this was only the second page of these problems.

We went over the questions from last week's Geography lesson & he got them all right. So, I went ahead and introduced the work he'd be doing for the next 8 weeks. The next 8 weeks will be focused on Geographic Terms. Each week, he'll be given 3 Geographic Terms to study. He will locate & mark, on a map, examples of each. He has asked to do a Glog for each term, as well. This week's terms are: Bay, Canyon, and Butte.

After discussing his Geography terms, we moved on to Latin. He finished all  the work for Chapter 2. After lunch, we got started on Chapter 3. He has decided that, due to the 10 vocab words & 10 declensions he has to learn in this chapter, he wants to take 2 weeks to do it (to make sure he has the time to do it right).

During lunch, we watched episode 5 of When We Left Earth.

After working on Chapter 3 in Latin, we did some more work on Lesson 3 in Logo Adventures. Doing the lessons for Log Adventures is actually more difficult than it should be. Well, not difficult as much time-consuming. You see, it comes with a lesson book that walks you through step-by-step. However, the lesson book was written for a different program than the one that came with it. It did send books that go with the newer program - tutorials, getting started guide, quick reference - so we can find everything we need to do the lessons. The thing is, instead of being able to floow the lessons exactly as written, I have to look in the other books to find what has changed & what we need to do it in this program. It seems that almost every piece of code has changed from one program to the next. The lesson tells us to enter cg to clear the screen, but we need to enter cs with this program. It tells us to change the color using setc 15, but instead we have to use setpc [255 0 0]. So, there are just a lot of changes from the program the lessons were written for and this newer program that was sent with it. My main issue with this is that I really don't think Jay will be able to use the lessons on his own this year. I wasn't really thinking he would, but it would be nice to have as an option. He is really enjoying using this, and it would be nice to be able to allow him to do it independently, if he wanted to. However, I don't know that he really has the patience to deal with looking up everything, in one of the 4 books for the software, if following the lesson isn't getting the results.

I let him stay on the computer after Logo Adeventures, to do his educational computer time. He started his educational computer time doing exercises at Khan Academy. I think he watched some of the videos, too. We've been using Khan Academy for Dea for a while now (I think it's been a few years), but just recently introduced Jay to it. His first introduction was a video on muti-digit mulitplication. We watched it, on the Khan Academy channel for Roku, last week. He really liked it, and wanted to watch more. So, we're letting him sign in with my Google acct, so he can do the exercises. Hubby is set up as the kids' coach, so he can see how they're doing. I love that Jay enjoys Math so much. I'll never understand why anyone would enjoy Math, but I'm glad he does. It's so much easier to cover Math with a child that doesn't despise the subject.

After computer time, he did his quiet reading time. He's currently reading the first book in the Warriors series. Then, he helped me make dinner. After dinner, we let the kids go out & play with some friends. The rain has been an on & off thing today. So, I wanted to let them get some time outside while the sun was out & the clouds had temporarily gone away. Jay got sent back in right away for asking hubby a question I had already said no to. He spent most of the time reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.