Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Day We Started the TARDIS

I woke up feeling hung over, which is twice as annoying when you didn't drink the night before. I had a headache & felt like I hadn't slept at all. So, we got a late start to the day. Dea started her school about 8:45am & Jay started at 9am.

I love my kids, but they do not deal well with change. When a new routine is introduced, they somehow lose all ability to function at a basic level. Their IQ drops to just above braindead. Their eyes glaze over. Their jaws go slack. They stare with vacant expressions. It would be comical, if it wasn't so infuriating.

Jay's day started with Easy Grammar day 17. He did fine & we moved on to the verb mini book from Grammar Tales. He finished that, leaving just one activity sheet to do for verbs. Then, we did All About Spelling. If you remember, yesterday I said that he was stumbling, even though I know he knows the letter sounds (he's known them all since he was 2, at the oldest). The problem is that I have introduced a new program. So, he temprarily knows absolutely nothing. Hopefully, by the end of the week, the adjustment period will be over & his brain will decide to function again. For right now, I'm trying not to get to frustrated. We went through cards 1-26 3 times. Each time, whenever we came across a letter that has more than one sound, he struggled with one of the sounds. To make it even  more fun, it was a different sound each time. He sat there, staring blankly at me, with this utterly confused look on his face. It drives me crazy because the boy is brilliant. He can read & comprehend at a 5th grade level (at least), has a larger vocabulary than many adults I know, has been using full sentences (and not the little 3 word sentences) since before he was 2, but if you show him a flashcard and ask what sound the letter makes, you get glazed eyes, a two minute conversation, and a list of sounds it doesn't make. UGH!!!!!!! After spelling, we did writing, which was him telling me a story (tomorrow he has to write it down).

Next was Math. He did p.52 in Mastering Multiplication. 10 problems - Dad is buidling a shed & needs to buy supplies. How much will he spend on each material? Again, this was done on the white board. One problem at a time, on the white board, seems to really help him with the switching numbers issue. I think it's because when he reads the answer to go write it on the page, he's more likely to notice that he switched the numbers and that the 94 was meant to be 49.

After Math, we did Logic. He loves his Logic workbook. He generally wants to do more than one page whenever we do it. I would have let him today, but we were already going to be moving Spanish to after lunch & still needed to do Art & Music. So, we just did lesson 2 from Logic Safari book 1.

Jay has decided that he doesn't want to do any more origami. I'm fine with that, since it has been introduced and her has given it a shot. So, today he started Creating Line Designs. Dea really loved this series when she did it. It starts with very easy designs & moves to more difficult ones, over a series of 4 books. Art was followed by Music. Today was recorder practice. The cats were hiding their heads & meowing at me as they listened to the screeching coming from the arts & crafts room.

Dea figured out that she has 5 subjects left to finish for her 7th grade year to be done. She has decided to focus on one subject a week, finishing each one in a week's time. If she can do it, she'll be done with 7th grade in about 5 weeks. I hope she can do it. She needs to get this work done. She has decided that his will start today and has worked on English all day.

After the torturous music practice, we had lunch. Lunch was peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches and fruit salad, while watching another episode of Wild China.

After lunch, the kids played outside and started painting the TARDIS. Yes,  said painting the TARDIS. The kids were trying to decide what to turn the box from our new microwave into. One wanted a time machine & the other wanted a space ship. So, they came to the only locigal compromise - the TARDIS. They started painting it today. We ran out of spray paint, though. So, I guess we'll be buying more on Friday and finishing the paint job this weekend (if the weather holds up). I am taking pics throughout the process & will do a post showing it from start to finish, once it's done.

Next, Jay did Spanish on the computer, followed by some Math games for review, and some chess. Once off the computer, he went straight to my room to read. Dea has needed to be reminded to get back to work several times today. She keeps walking around the house, just standing in a doorway. I'm really starting to doubt that she took her meds today. Her total lack of attention isn't normal while on the Vyvanse.

As it was Dea's turn to help with dinner, I decided that Jay could work on his Space Log while dinner cooked. Then, after dinner we'd have time for a project, dvd, book, or something. We ended up doing several projects from the MSB Space kit. First, we did an activity about orbit, demonstrating why Earth's orbit is shorter than the orbit of Uranus. Jay already knew why Earth's orbit is shorter, but he likes to do activities. Plus, it gave him the opportunity to act like the teacher and demonstrate something he knows, which is always fun for a kid.

We made a model of the solar system. The paint that came with the kit didn't really work for Jay, so he used markers.

He really wanted some pics in the dark, too. You can't see it real well, but here's the solar system in the dark
Then, we built a telescope. Really all we did was glue the tubes together. Tomorrow, once the glue is dry, Jay can decorate the telescope.

Then, we assembled the constellation box. You look at constellation cards through it, and try to figure out what the constellations are. The kids are currently doing that. There were also a few blank constellation cards. So, they are each going to choose a constellation, punch it out on a card, and challenge the other to figure it out. Dea was working on English until about the time we started the constellation box. Jay decided that he wanted his sister to do this activity with him.

I want to try to squeeze Science in tomorrow morning, instead of waiting until after lunch. My MIL is coming over tomorrow afternoon to have hubby look at her car. So, I want our school work to be done by the time hubby gets home from work, since I don't know exactly what time MIL will be here. There is simply no way that the kids will get any schoolwork done with her here. So, I think we'll work after lunch, instead of letting them go out to play. I think that is a large part of why we always end up doing work in the evenings, because they spend the early part of the afternoon outside.