Saturday, May 14, 2011


We have always allowed Dea to work at her own pace, not setting deadlines or due dates for her work. I know that she'll need to get used to having deadlines/due dates, and getting the work done (and handed in) on time. I just don't see any reason for her to deal with that in elementary school. Last year, when she started 7th, I was planning on setting due dates/deadlines, at least for her high school classes. Then, we decided to take that 6 month 'break from formal schooling.' Since I wasn't requiring her to do her regular school, I couldn't set due dates.

During that break, Jay tried out different schedules (with a little help from me) and finished all his work. Dea decided to procrastinate & avoid most of her work. So, at the end of the break, Jay got to move onto 2nd grade. Dea is still finishing 7th. She is still procrastinating, though - slacking on her work, asking for a break (or drink, or snack, or to clean the bathroom, etc.) every few minutes.

To be honest, I'm tired of it. She has 5 courses that she needs to finish - English, World Geography, Biology, Algebra 1, and History. I have decided that her 8th grade year will start in July, which gives her until the end of June to finish the work. Any of those 5 courses that are not finished by the end of June, will be repeated. Any of the high school courses (all except History) that are finished by hte end of June, but do not have a B or higher as a final grade, will be repeated (I require no less than a B for it to go on her transcript). Biology & World Geography would both need new materials purchased. So, if she has to repeat those, it won't be until 9th grade, since I've already purchased for 8th. If she has to redo English, I will be using the Writing curriculum that I was planning for next year, using just the teacher book for Easy Grammar 9 (me writing the assignment out on the whiteboard & her either copying to notebook paper or doing it on the board), though likely doing the same poems & plays.

She was not happy when I told her that she only has until the end of June. However, she has to start taking responsibility for her education & her actions. She has to stop thinking that she might be able to wear us down on the subjects she doesn't like. Biology will definitely be done by the end of June. History might be done by then. I don't know that the others will be, though. She doesn't like Grammar or Writing, and has always struggled with Writing. She hates Math. Lately, she's also been saying that she doesn't like Geography, though I think it's just that she finds the textbook she is using boring.

So, that's where things are with Dea right now. She has until June 30th to finish & hand in all her work. Her 8th grade year will start in July (after a 1 or 2 week break). All assignments, tests, projects, etc. will have a due date or a set amount of time in which to be completed. We are planning to do a 3 term (15 weeks each) year, like we are doing for Jay. The terms will help with the deadlines, too.