Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Day

I generally don't think we do enough in a day to make it worth posting every day. Also, I'm not sure if I have the time & patience to post about our day, every day. I thought I'd give it a try, though. I think I'm going to try to post every day this week, to see if I have time & enough to post about. So, here's our day:

We started the morning with Dea settling in at the office table to work on History. While she did that, Jay and I headed out to the arts & crafts room. We started with Language Arts. He did day 16 from Easy Grammar grade 2. Next, he worked on the Verb mini book for Grammar Tales. Then, we started Unit 2 in Discover the Deck. This unit is on prewriting. The first prewriting activity it wants him to work on is telling a story to a friend. So, his assignment is to think of a story & be ready to tell me the story tomorrow. We started All About Spelling today. Because this was our first day sitting down to do this program, he didn't do as well as he should have. I know that he knows the sounds, but he stumbled a bit because of the formality of the program & simply not being used to the method (we never used flashcards when he was learning to read). So, we only made it through the cards once. He kept getting distracted & trying to talk about everything else. I got tired of telling him "the only thing you should be saying are the sounds made by the letters on the cards." So, we'll do cards 1 - 26 again tomorrow, even though I know he knows them.

After All About Spelling, we did Math. He did p.51 in Mastering Multiplication. I only made him do 5 problems. His dyslexia causes him problems when he writes the numbers down, so I had him do the problems one at a time, on the white board. He likes to talk his way through the problems, and I let him do that. It helps him & I can hear that he knows what he's doing. He got them all correct. If he starts to write the numbers wrong, due to his dylexia issues, I will stop him & ask how the number should look. If he gets it wrong due to computational errors, that's different. Then, he has to redo that problem & do another problem. The better he does, the less work he has to do. After doing his 5 problems from the page, we did flashcards for 0x0 to 9x9. He also did 20 minutes on TimezAttack this afternoon.

Next was Geography. He read over the introduction to World Geography & You. He stumbled over some of the answers at the end. So, he will read the introduction again this week. On Friday, we will go over the questions again. I know that some of you are thinking it's a little much to force him to read it again, that we should just move on. After all, it is only 2nd grade. However, this is the introduction to this book. At least one of the questions he is stumbling on is about what Geography is. He needs to understand what the subject is before he can learn it. Also, some of the questions were just basic reading comprehension questions, which means that he didn't pay attention to what he was reading. In our house, that means you read it again (and again and again until you pay attention).

Then, we moved into the living room and worked on Latin. He started chapter 2 last week, but didn't finish it. So, we watched the dvd lesson and he did the Derivative Worksheet for Chapter 2. He would have done more than the one page, but we had a bit of an incident. One part of the page was to choose 2 English derivatives, look them up in the dictionary, and write the definitions on the page. The first word he chose was 'fossil.' First, he refused to get to the right part of the dictionary to find it. Then, he decided that he didn't need to look it up, because he knows what it means. So, he tried to say that he was done with that part, when he hadn't written down a single word. This, of course, was not going to work for me. The directions said to write down two words & their definitions. They did not give the option to decide that you know everything, have no need for a dictionary, and decide that you don't need to write anything down. So, I explained to him that he needed to follow the directions. This was a rather loud conversation, because he kept talking over me trying to tell me that he knows what fossil means & therefore, doesn't need the dictionary. I repeatedly told him to stop interrupting me and that it doesn't matter if he knows what fossil means. The point of this was that he was not following the directions, and he had not been given permission to change the assignment. So, regardless of his knowledge of the word & its definition, he still needed to WRITE DOWN THE ANSWER! So, only one page of Latin got done today, but it got done. In case you're wondering, the two words he used were 'fossil' and 'aroma.'

Next - lunch break! The almost quiet time while they ate, we watched an episode of Wild China on Netflix, and I checked in on Facebook & some other online places.

After that, it was time for Logo Adventures. This week, we are doing Lesson 3. Jay and I sat down at the computer, and I walked him through the lfirst half of the lesson. Once we're done with the actual lesson (or as much as we're going to do that day), he gets to play around with it for a while,  practicing what he learned. If we had done this before lunch (as I had planned), he would have been allowed to play until lunch. However, since Latin took so long, we didn't have time for this before lunch. So, he got 15 minutes to play, after we finished the first half of the lesson. During this time, Dea was in the arts & crafts room, allegedly doing English. I found her lip syncing to her MP3 player, instead.

Then, Jay had his 1 hour of quiet reading time. He sits in my room to read, because my bed is comfy. Apparently, I am the only person who can not get comfortable to read in that bed. While Jay read, Dea worked on English - writing a report on Julius Caesar.

Then, they went outside for about 1 1/2 hours, for some fresh air & exercise (P.E.). I spent about 25 minutes of that time on the Gazelle. I was going slow, trying not to start a coughing fit, so only did 1 mile. Not a great workout, but at least I got through it without the massive coughing fits.

When they came back in, Jay went on the computer. This is when he did TimezAttack. He also did some other fun educational stuff, for about an hour. Then, he helped make dinner (Home Ec.). Dea spent that time doing Geography and reading.

Jay has not been practicing guitar & hubby has been refusing to do lessons with him. Apparently, Jay was not holding the guitar properly. We decided to try having him play left-handed, to see if that helps. So, after dinner, hubby put new strings on the guitar. They're going to try it out this way for a week or so, and see if it works better for Jay.

Jay also started watching Space: The Secret History disc 1. We got it from Netflix about a week ago. When we finally tried to watch it (last Thursday), we found a huge crack in it. We informed Netflix about it & they sent another copy out on Friday (great service!). So, now we can watch it. Of course, we also found time to relax, watch some MythBusters, and Dea screwed around on the computer (Facebook, Moshi, etc.). Plus, I spent some time splitting Dea's 8th grade year into 3- 15 week terms. I thought I was done with it, but had completely forgotten a few subjects. Now, I'm done. I just need to print out her copy & decide if I'll be using a notebook or printed copy.

Now, it is almost 9:30 pm. Jay is in bed, Dea will be oging to bed soon. Hubby is finishing up working in the kitchen, then he'll be off to bed. So, I am deciding between a movie or audio book as background noise, while I work on some things & read.

Well, that was our day!