Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Wednesday

The day started off well enough. The kids got up about 7am, got their own breakfast, brushed hair & teeth, and bathed. They let me sleep until 8am. When I got up, I suggested they get their big chores done right away, so they would be able to go to play when the neighborhood kids come knocking. They were not happy with that idea. Jay was supposed to be cleaning his bedroom and Dea had to clean the hall & stairs. They spent an hour arguing, fighting, tattling, screaming, and throwing things. Just what I wanted to listen to as I checked email, checked in on some forums, and basically tried to get to that point of 'alive human being' that is so hard for me in the morning. Dea did manage to get the hall & stairs done, but Jay's room is not clean. Hopefully, they decide to work together when they clean the school room and fold & put away laundry later today.

At 9am, we finally got to work on school. We started with ASL. Today, we practiced the numbers and alphabet. I'd say we've got those mastered, so we'll use a different dvd next week. After ASL, Dea did Biology. She got her 10 day lab set up and took the Unit 6 test. She wanted to go study for the final, but I told her to first make sure every single assignment is done. So, she checked every assignment. She also watched some CNN Student News.

Jay did day 23 in EG. For GT, we're still focused on adjectives. I had him choose a person, place, or thing that he knows, and write as many adjectives as he could think of to describe it. He chose one of the cats. Writing was learning another pre-writing technique - making a list. So, he made a list of everything he wants to include in his next story (which he'll write tomorrow). Then, we did AAS, and he finished steps 3 & 4.

While Jay & I were working on Language Arts, Dea went in the kitchen to make some iced tea. She found a huge bee on the window. We couldn't trap it, so we left it alone. Though, Jay was a bit scared to go into the kitchen after that.

After Language Arts, we moved onto Math. Jay did p.56 in Mastering Multiplication, more multi-digit multiplication. Then, they decided to have an early lunch. Dea made them peanut butter& apple butter sandwiches. While they ate, we watched an episode of All Grown Up. They got a break from school to do laundry and watch Cosmic Voyage: IMAX, the dvd that came from Netflix this morning. Then, Jay finished his bedroom & they cleaned the school room. While they did all of that, I did some general picking up in the living room; got the library materials we're done with in the library bag; fought with the computer, because I can't find the driver for our microscope; gave up on finding the driver (after all, we've had the microscope for about 5 years & haven't used it with the computer yet); avoided the giant bee that has taken over the kitchen (I'll have hubby get it when he gets home); and thought about duct taping the kids together until they learn to work together & stop fighting. Then, I remembered that you're supposed to be able to trap bees & wasps by leaving a 2-liter of pop open. Apparently, they can get in, but can't get back out. Well, we happen to have an almost empty 2-liter of fruit punch, so we opened it up.

Then, back to school! Dea worked on an essay about cats. Jay did 2 pages of LFC chapter 3. Then, he read books on stars and wrote some more in his Space Log. While they did that, I fit in some time on the Gazelle. I only did a mile. By that time, they had interrupted me many times & I decided to wait until later to do more. So, I got some writing done, instead. Then, they went out to sweep the patio & deck. After that, I decided to let them stay out & play. Jay got to stay out until 4pm, when he had to come in to help make dinner. Dea got to stay out until 5pm, when it was time to eat dinner. However, Jay decided that it was too hot out & came in early. So, he got some computer time before helping me make dinner.

After dinner, Dea went back out and Jay did his quiet reading time. Hubby & I relaxed, watched some tv, and played around on Facebook. Then hubby & Dea went into the kitchen to clean up from dinner. Though Dea gave us a bit of attitude about having to come in (she tried convincing us to let her stay out an extra 30 min.) and not letting her friend come in (because Dea was coming in to do chores).

Currently, Jay is getting ready for bed, Dea is getting stuff cleaned up so she can read once Jay goes to bed, hubby is finishing up in the kitchen, and I'm off to prepare everything for tomorrow (hopefully we can get in music practice tomorrow). After everyone else is in bed, I'll read, watch a movie, workout, maybe paint (depends on my mood). I'm really hoping that the storms they keep predicting finally hit us tonight. I love a good thunderstorm!