Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poor, Poor Kitties

The day started with recorder practice. The cats do not like it when the kids play their recorders. The cats run, hide, bury their heads in blankets (really, I've seen them do it) to get away from the sound. Poor little kitties. One of them almost got shut in the arts & crafts room with them, while they practiced. One of the cats was right outside the arts & crafts room, until the first blow. Then, she took off running as far away from the room as she could get.

After recorder practice, Dea did English. Jay did writing - a story based on yesterday's pre-writing assignment. Then, he did day 26 & 27 in EG2. Then, he did Step 6 in AAS. Activity 3 in Line Designs book 1 was next, followed by a lesson in Logic Safari. Next was p. 58 in Mastering Multiplication.

While Jay did Math, Dea restarted her lab (due to some issues, it needed to be started over), and I made lunch. After lunch, Dea read and Jay did Spanish. Then, he did some Latin. Next Jay read, and Dea worked on History and Math.

While Dea & I made dinner, Jay did his educational computer time - 20 minutes of Math games, then other educational games until dinner. After dinner, we let them go out to play with the neighborhood kids. They climbed trees. They played on the swing they made with jump ropes and part of a tree branch. They stayed out until it was time for Jay to get ready for bed.

So, nothing extraordinary or exciting, but it was still a pretty good day (even if we didn't get to Jay's Science today).