Monday, May 16, 2011

A Pretty Good Day

I was up until about 4:30am. I find it difficult to sleep when I hear what sounds like gun shots in the middle of the night. Plus, there is apparently a millipede running around my house, somewhere. That thought doesn't help me sleep, either.

Anyway, the kids let me sleep in today, until about 9:30am. After thye ate breakfast, they played the Eclipse DVD game. So, we didn't start school until 10am. Over the weekend, Dea and I came up with a weekly plan that will have her finished with her remaining 5 subjects by the end of June (the deadline I have set). So, she got started working on that this morning. It's only 5 subjects that she needs to do, but due to her slacking this year, there is a lot of work to be done.

Jay started with Writing. Last week, he did a pre-writing activity - write a list of details for a story. Today started with him writing the story from that list. Then, he did days 24 & 25 from EG2. He then did more Writing. He did another pre-writing activity - a list of questions about a story he will write tomorrow. THen, he did Math, p.57 in Mastering Multiplication. Next was Spelling. He did step 5 in AAS. He then did 2 pages in Latin. Last week, when we started Chapter 3, he told me he wanted to spend 2 weeks on it, to make sure he mastered it. So, this is week 2 of Chapter 3. While he worked on Latin, I had to reschedule a Dr. appointment, because the office called & said they needed to cancel. Next available appointment is in July!

Then, it was lunch time. We all had lunch, and the herbs were put outside & watered. After lunch, they got a short break to play.

Next, Dea went back to work on catching up, and Jay did Geography. We used the big wall map & the Atlas to locate examples of his current Geographic Terms, and marked them on a paper map. He marked the map, using a different colored pencil for each term. I wrote what they were (my writing is smaller & neater). Dea threw a fit, mad at me for expecting her to actually understand her work. SHe came to show me how much work she had done. I was looking at a page in her Geography workbook & noticed one answer was wrong. She had not put any thought into the answer. The correct answer was blindingly obvious, if you took the time to read the page and look at the chart. So, I told her to redo that one. When she brought it back in, it had the correct answer. I asked her to explain her answer. She  couldn't. So, I asked more questions, to try to get a real answer out of her. With each question I asked, she got angrier & angrier. So, she was sent to her room until she calmed down.

Next, we did Logo Adventures. This week he is working on Lesson 4. Lesson 4 is review. So, he got to play around for 30 minutes, reviewing what he has learned, so far. He followed that with 30 minutes of guitar practice. Of course, guitar practice can't start without a pick & you can't find a pick without starting a fight. Awesome! I love the sound of my kids screaming at each other!

Jay finally got started on guitar practice and finished it without further incident. Then, he hung out in my room reading for an hour. He has finished the first book in the Warriors series. So, today, he started another Goosebumps book. He can hardly wait until library day, to look for the 2nd Warriors book.

After reading, he spent some time on the computer playing educational games. Dea was waiting to do her Math, hubby needed to look over her last assignment. Since hubby had just gotten home, he wanted to relax for a bit. So, he looked over her Math & had her do her corrections, while Jay helped me make dinner.

After dinner, Dea went out to hang with the few other teens in the neighborhood, and Jay (reluctantly) had to stay inside. I want to make sure we allow Dea some time with her friends, without her little brother around. So, Jay checked weather around the world for a litlle bit, and then watched some Scooby-Doo.

Seeing as it is still fairly early, it may be too soon to say this, but......Today has been a pretty good day. Fighting, whining, complaining, and attitude were at a minimum today, and the kids did all their schoolwork for the day.