Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stupid Little Punks!

Ok, first a quick rundown of school today. Dea did very little. She did some English, but not much. She also watched some CNN Student News. I had a headache of the 'elephant tap dancing in slow motion inside the left half of my head' variety, so Jay didn't do much school. He did some work on his Ancient China Journal, watched some CNN Student News with Dea, watched The Lost Treasures of Tibet, did Spanish, and read. Other than that, he played with moon sand while watching Travel Guide to the Planets, and had some educational computer time.

Now, on to my little rant. I HATE the kids in my neighborhood. I know it sounds bad for an adult to say they hate kids, but I really do hate the snotty little punks that live around here. My kids were outside playing. They came in to get a drink and asked if it was ok if they went over to the neighbor's. There were a bunch of the neighborhood kids over there & one of them had invited mine over. We said fine, but that they were coming in in 20 minutes, no matter what (that was when we were planning for them to come in anyway, so Jay could get ready for bed). They said fine & went back out. Not 5 minutes later, we heard Jay crying & screaming. We ran outside to see what the hell was going on. Our two kids were sitting on the ground in our yard, no one around. So, we told them ot come in, got everyone calmed down, and attempted to figure out what had gone on.
Apparently, one boy that was over there invited Jay & Dea over. When they went back out, after us saying go ahead, they went to go over, but the boy's sister said No. She doesn't like Jay, so didn't want them coming over. Apparently, the girl gave a quick "No!" and turned away. So, Jay asked again. His repeated asking may have had something to do with the fact that the snotty girl who said no doesn't even live there. She's just one of the neighborhood kids. Anyway, she kept saying no and taunting Jay (she's about 5 years older than he is), and some of the other kids (also older) joined in.Well, Jay ended up in tears, very upset. Then, apparently one of the boys rode his bike directly at Jay, causing him to jump behind Dea out of fear that the boy was going to hit him.

This is not the first time that we've had issues with an older, bigger neighborhood kid bullying Jay. I really hate the little punks that live around here. They are all on the road to becoming criminals someday. So, we've now had to ban even more kids. I think that puts us with more neighborhood kids not allowed to play with our kids or on our property then ones we actually allow over here now. I so wish we could move.