Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Took the Morning Off

The kids & I took the morning off today, because we were all kind of tired & didn't really feel like working. So, we put in a dvd from the library (Penguins of Madagascar), and curled up in my bed. We stayed there until lunch. After lunch, the kids went out to play for a bit, but came bcak in when the rain started coming down harder.

After they came in, we started school. We started with ASL. This week, we are using Signing Time Series 1 volume 1 My First Signs. The words we are learnign this week are: Eat/Food, Milk, Water, Ball, More, Bird, Cat, Dog, Fish, Car, Airplane, Want, Shoes, Flower, Mom, Dad, Baby, and Sleep. We will practice these for the next week. If we have all mastered all of these words by next Wednesday, we will do a different dvd next week. If any one of us still needs work on even one word, we'll continue with this dvd again next week.

After ASL, Dea checked on her lab, and then started on her bookwork. Jay started on his Language Arts. He did day 28 in EG2. Then, he did Step 6 in AAS. We did Step 6 yesterday, too. In Step 6, he has words to spell out. Yesterday, he spelled them with the letter tiles on the magnetic dry erase board (I bought this board just for Spelling). Then, we went throught the words a second time, and he wrote them on the board. Today, we only went through the words once. He spelled them with the tiles & then fingerspelled them (ASL). Both days, we used the 10 lesson words and the 25 reinforcement words.

After AAS, Jay worked on Writing. Today was another pre-writing concept - the story web. His story will be about our cats. He even went around the house and measured each cat to see how tall they are, so he could use that info in his story. His current activity for Grammar Tales is to put an item in a bag & write adjectives on the outside of the bag. He is then to give the bag to someone, and see if they can guess what is in it by the adjectives on the outside. We have been working on this all week. The original item was something that he generally plays with in the bath, and it had water inside it. The water started to drip out all over his school stuff. So, we now have a new item, and he has finally decided on which adjectives to use. I wrote them on the bag, because his handwriting can be completely illegible sometimes. He dictated the adjectives to me, though. Can you guess what it is?

Next was Math. He did p.59 in Mastering Multiplication. Then, he watched the dvd lesson for Chapter 3 in Latin, and did a page of work. It was his night to help with dinner, but he spent most of the time reading. He did help with dinner; he made the salad. While dinner cooked, I made popsicles, smoothies, and a frozen fruit dessert for the kids.

After dinner (and dessert), hubby checked over Dea's Math & the two of them cleaned the kitchen. Jay and I did Science. We did 4 activities relating to the phases of the moon, solar eclipses, stars, and the moon's reflectiveness. Then, he spent some time writing about stars, in his Space Log.

Right now, they are all in bed. I will be doing a workout (about an hour) and reading (hopefully), before heading to bed myself.