Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It is horribly hot today! It was 64F by the time I let the kids go out to play at 8 this morning. It was in the 80s by lunch. As if the heat wasn't enough, the humidity was at 65% and there was no breeze. I actually had to turn on the A/C today. Even with the ceiling fans going (the two that haven't broken completely yet), windows open, and the doors open, it was 86F and muggy in here.

The kids started school a little after 9am, after playing outside (before the heat got worse). Dea says she'll be done with Biology next week. Actually, she thinks she'll be done with most of it by this Thursday, everything except the 10 day lab she has to do. She still has a lot of English work, though.

Jay did day 21 & 22 in EG. We did an activity for Adjectives in GT - I read The Bug Book & he clapped at each adjective (sounds kind of cheesy, I know, but he had to actually listen to each word to know which ones to clap for). For writing, we discussed proofreading & revising. Then, he did another pre-writing activity (drawing the story), and wrote another story. He completed Step 2 for AAS.

Then, he did Activity 2 in Line Designs book 1, for Art. After that was Lesson 3 in Logic Safari book 1. Math came next. He did p.55 in Mastering Multiplication. after doing the page, we discussed the fact that the 0 place holder used in 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication, is used in all multi-digit  multiplication. After showing him some examples, I put a 4-digit by 4-digit number on the whiteboard. He did it with no problem, remembering the 0 every time. We had about 30 minutes until lunch, by that time. So, he used that time to do his Spanish.

During lunch, we played on the wunderground weather channel on Roku. We picked city after city, to look at the weather. We found that most of the places we checked, were cooler than we are here (and that included cities in Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Greece, & Brazil). The kids had fun with it. They had maps & atlases pulled out & were using them to find cities to check.

After lunch, Jay and I worked on Science. We read The MSB Takes a Moonwalk and The MSB Space Explorers. Then,  Jay wrote in his Space Log. Today, he was writing about stars. He started doing his quiet reading time after that, but one of the neighborhood kids came over asking if they could go out & play. So, both kids went out for while, and had a water fight with the neighborhood kids.

He did get in his reading time, but didn't get around to Recorder practice. I guess we'll fit that in tomorrow.