Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Dea spent the day working on English, again. Not really much to report about her. She did watch a few episodes of CNN Student News. Other than that, just did English.

Jay's morning started with the last verb activity page from Grammar Tales. Then, he did Day 18 for Easy Grammar. We went through cards 1-26 for All About Spelling. We only did them once. He is starting to get more comfortable with the program, so he's making less mistakes. I'm pretty sure he will have adjusted by the end of the week. Next, he did writing. His assignment today was to write the story he told me yesterday. It was about a trip we took to a museum.

Next, we did Math. Today he learned how to multiply a multi-digit number by a multi-digit number (up until now it has been multi-digit by single-digit). He did fantastically well with it. He did p. 53 in Mastering Multiplication, all 8 problems. He did the problems one at a time on the white board, didn't switch his numbers once, and remembered the 0 place holder every time. I'd say Math took us, maybe, 15 minutes.

Language Arts had taken us a while, though (mainly because of the writing assignment). So, it was fairly close to lunch by the time he finished Math. So, he read The Magic School Bus Sees Stars (for his Science study), while I started cooking rice & chicken for lunch. While lunch cooked, we watched Signing time Practice Time ABCs & practiced our ASL ABCs. While eating lunch, we watched episode 4 of When We Left Earth.

After lunch, Jay finished his planet entries in his Space Log. He then came up with his own mnemonic for the planets. After that, he got to design his own constellation & write a myth to go with it. Dea typed it out while Jay dictated.

My in-laws showed up at about 3pm. The kids had fun showing Grandma what they've been working on & telling her about books they've been reading, etc. We did dinner a bit late, since hubby was busy working on their van. We had Mahi Mahi for dinner, and fish isn't something you want to reheat later. Jay chose not to help with dinner tonight. Instead, Dea helped with dinner, and Jay watched an episode of MythBusters with grandma.

So, with having visitors & eating dinner late, Jay didn't get to his quite reading until after dinner (and after the MythBusters NASA episode we watched during dinner) and won't have time for guitar practice.