Monday, June 27, 2011


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When Did Life Get So Busy?

Wow! Has it really been almost a week since I last blogged?

My hubby had last week off work. He spent most of it in the garage with my sister's boyfriend/fiance, working on the car that hasn't worked since we got it. The kids and I got some school done, but not as much as usual.

Dea handed in one of her two remaining essays. It isn't perfect, but is a huge improvement over previous essays. So, I made some marks on it & gave it back. That lead to her getting upset & almost bursting into tears, because in her mind not perfect = sucks. She also handed in her review of Death of a Salesman. It was not good. So, I am making sure that she reads a variety of critic reviews, to get a better idea of what a review should be like. I am also planning on adding writing reviews to her writing for next year, to get more practice with it.

Dea had a friend spend the night last week, and they were up all night long. Then, Dea spent the weekend at a friend's for a birthday party. This is her last week of 7th grade. She may (or may not) be in a wedding this weekend & then will be off to the lake for her break.

We're trying to figure out some kind of schedule that will allow hubby to get his school work done, without leaving me to do all the housework. that doesn't seem to be working too well, especially since he's also supposed to be working with Dea on her Math.

Our city is doing Movies in the Park every week this summer, and Music in the Park twice a week. We're trying to go to some of the movies and concerts.

We have two different family reunions happening this summer. We have family, on both sides, that are not doing well. So, we're tyring to find time & ways to visit/help them.

I'm still dealing with whatever this respiratory thing is. Working out seems to help, but missing even one day sets me back quite a bit.

Somehow, life has become crazy busy. There's the season specific stuff - the movies & concerts, cookouts, family reunions, 4th of July. There's the school stuff - regular school work ofr Jay, Dea's year winding down, Dea's upcoming break, Dea's new year starting in 3 weeks. There's my hubbuy's stuff - work, working on cars, school work, music. There's the regular stuff - housework, yard work, meals to cook, library, grocery shopping, Dr appointments, therapy appointments. Then, of course, there's social lives, birthday parties, etc. That isn't even including my stuff, hobbies, or those unplanned extras that always seem to pop up.

I have to figure out a way to pare this down.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Busy!

Father's Day was this last weekend. We had a cookout with my sis, her fiance, and a few of their kids. The guys spent most of the day pulling an engine out of a car.

My hubby is off work this week. He is spending the week fixing a car (the one he took the engine out of).

We still have family members in the hospital, and some aren't doing real well.

Dea has been dealing with girl friend drama. She got in a fight with a friend, and now they aren't speaking to each other.

However, we have managed to get some schoolwork done. Jay is coming along nicely in his studies. We took a few days off multiplication to practice some subtraction & addition, just for a change of pace & some review. We're getting back to multiplication tomorrow. He's doing great with his Geographic terms, and really enjoys looking for examples of each. He is enjoying his study of Astronomy immensely. He isn't enjoying studying Ancient China as much as studying Space, but he's enjoying it more than Dea did when she was younger. We're not just studying Ancient China. We also branch out into the rest of Ancient Asia. He's been having fun reading books of Myths & Legends from Asia. His Ancient China journal is almost full. Of course, he's still having a blast with Art, Music, Spanish, ASL, Latin, Computer Programming, and Logic. Though, we're not as far in some as I thought we'd be, since we've taken several days off & skipped some subjects some days.

Dea is making great strides in finishing her 7th grade year. She chose to redo Geography another year. So, all that's left is English, History, Algebra, and Biology. She will not be finished with Algebra by July (July 1st is the last day of her 7th grade). However, as long as she keeps putting in effort & not slacking on it, we'll allow her to finish it in 8th. We may also be sending it with her when she visits her grandma on her 2 week break between grades. She's almost done with History, and should have no problem finishing in time. She just finished her Grammar today. That leaves 2 essays (one is almost done) to hand in. She also has to watch Death of a Salesman and write a review of it (she's doing that tonight). Then English will be done. All that's left for Biology is the final. She is taking that on Friday, so she has the week to study for it. She is also going to be doing an extra assignment while on break. She will be doing a study of the lake she'll be staying at with her grandma.

So, that's what's been going on around here. I kind of hope things calm down a bit soon. It's getting a bit chaotic.

Friday, June 17, 2011

irritated with the internet

I think I'm about done with the internet for today. My toolbar is missing, Facebook is slow, Blogger still won't let me comment as me (on my own blog), I can't access the CP to MY website, and when trying to visit MY website I get a broken link error message. So, since it's all being so annoying, I think I'm staying off the computer for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trying to Stay Sane

So, last weekend I had planned to go to Ohio. My husband & my sister's fiance were asked to go out there to work on my stepmom's car. My sis and I were going to go with them. Well, Jay wasn't doing so great last week (and to be honest I wasn't feeling so hot by Friday morning, either), so I stayed home with him while everyone else went to the Lake.

We watched more tv than usual, with us both being a bit under the weather. We did some other stuff, too. We started working on a puzzle of Van Gogh's Starry Night. It's a little challenging, which I love! Jay hasn't helped a lot, but he's done some of it. Dea is also working on it, now that she's home.

We also started an album/scrapbook of great works of art. We have several sets of postcards of works by different artists. We are using those. We also left some pages blank to add information about the artists. There are still some blank pages at the end, although I'm unsure what we will put on them.

Jay painted his birdhouse. It is quite colorful.

I finished my flute. Now, I just have to teach myself to play it.


A lot of the time was spent just reading & hanging out.

It was a little difficult getting back into the swing of things on Monday. I was hoping to get us back into our routine before Dea got home. It has been really difficult for all of us to get back to normal. There is always so much stuff going on. Right now, we have family in the hospital and some other big things happening. I'm just trying to keep us all focused and sane.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What do you get....?

What do you get when you mix brats, italian sausage, hot dogs, really awesome burgers, corn on the cob, strawberry & blueberry shortcake, 12 2-liters of diet soda, 9 packages of Mentos, rock salt, and some water balloons?

You get one really great cookout! Yesterday, my sis, her fiance, and a few of their kids came over for a cookout & for Diet Coke & Mentos Day. We set off a dozen 2-liters of diet soda. Most were Diet Coke, but the kids wanted to test a few others. So, we also tried a generic diet cola, a caffeine free diet cola, and a generic Dr Pepper. We tried various amounts of Mentos, rock salt, and Mentos & rock salt together. It was great!

After the soda fountains, the kids wanted to have a  water balloon fight. We had 1000 water balloons, so they should have been able to have a HUGE fight. Unfortunately, none of the kids can fill or tie water balloons. So they ended up with about 15 balloons. After they threw those, we let them just use the hose. Next time, I will fill the balloons ahead of time of them. While the kids played in the water, the adults cooked the food.

Some of the kids' neighborhood friends came over and played. A little while after everyone finished eating, we decided it was a bit warm outside & headed into the house. Dea stayed out & rode bikes with one of her friends, the other kids watched a movie, and the adults palyed some cards.

It was a fun, relaxing day. Everyone had a great time.

Changes, Again

Ok, Dea was on a schedule to graduate at 16 & spend 2 years attending the local Community College part-time, doing volunteer work, and maybe get a job. It was what she wanted. So, today I was talking to her about it. I was getting concerned that the course load would be too much for her, since the courses tend to get more challenging & rigorous as you move to higher levels. It's not that I don't think that she can handle challenging, rigorous courses. It's just that I think 10 challenging, rigorous courses each year might be a little much. So, she has changed her plans, again.

She now wants to graduate at 18. She wants to do the 3 terms of 15 weeks each, with a 1-2 week break between terms. Some of her courses will be one term - a full year of work in 15 weeks. Other courses will be year-long. So, here's the new plan for the next 5 years:

8th Grade:
T1 - Algebra 2, Latin
T2 - Geometry, Latin, English 2, World History 1
T3 - Geometry, Latin, Anatomy & Physiology

9th Grade:
T1 - Accounting, Spanish, Intro to Psychology
T2 - Accounting, Spanish, English, Geography
T3 - Accoutning, Spanish, World History 2

10th Grade:
T1 - Trig, Spanish, Chemistry
T2 - Trig, Spanish, English, Art
T3 - Trig, Spanish, U.S. History

11th Grade:
T1 - Calculus, French, Native American Cultures
T2 - Calculus, French, Physics
T3 - Calculus, French, Music

12th Grade:
T1 - Linear Algebra, French, Naturalist Studies, American Government
T2 - Linear Algebra, French, Naturalist Studies, Economics
T3 - Linear Algebra, French, Naturalist Studies

She has decided that she wants to do it this way since it will still allow her time for volunteer work & CC courses (she was really concerned about having time for both), allow her to focus on less courses at any given time (which should allow for higher quality work), and still allow time for a social life.