Monday, June 6, 2011

Changes, Again

Ok, Dea was on a schedule to graduate at 16 & spend 2 years attending the local Community College part-time, doing volunteer work, and maybe get a job. It was what she wanted. So, today I was talking to her about it. I was getting concerned that the course load would be too much for her, since the courses tend to get more challenging & rigorous as you move to higher levels. It's not that I don't think that she can handle challenging, rigorous courses. It's just that I think 10 challenging, rigorous courses each year might be a little much. So, she has changed her plans, again.

She now wants to graduate at 18. She wants to do the 3 terms of 15 weeks each, with a 1-2 week break between terms. Some of her courses will be one term - a full year of work in 15 weeks. Other courses will be year-long. So, here's the new plan for the next 5 years:

8th Grade:
T1 - Algebra 2, Latin
T2 - Geometry, Latin, English 2, World History 1
T3 - Geometry, Latin, Anatomy & Physiology

9th Grade:
T1 - Accounting, Spanish, Intro to Psychology
T2 - Accounting, Spanish, English, Geography
T3 - Accoutning, Spanish, World History 2

10th Grade:
T1 - Trig, Spanish, Chemistry
T2 - Trig, Spanish, English, Art
T3 - Trig, Spanish, U.S. History

11th Grade:
T1 - Calculus, French, Native American Cultures
T2 - Calculus, French, Physics
T3 - Calculus, French, Music

12th Grade:
T1 - Linear Algebra, French, Naturalist Studies, American Government
T2 - Linear Algebra, French, Naturalist Studies, Economics
T3 - Linear Algebra, French, Naturalist Studies

She has decided that she wants to do it this way since it will still allow her time for volunteer work & CC courses (she was really concerned about having time for both), allow her to focus on less courses at any given time (which should allow for higher quality work), and still allow time for a social life.