Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Busy!

Father's Day was this last weekend. We had a cookout with my sis, her fiance, and a few of their kids. The guys spent most of the day pulling an engine out of a car.

My hubby is off work this week. He is spending the week fixing a car (the one he took the engine out of).

We still have family members in the hospital, and some aren't doing real well.

Dea has been dealing with girl friend drama. She got in a fight with a friend, and now they aren't speaking to each other.

However, we have managed to get some schoolwork done. Jay is coming along nicely in his studies. We took a few days off multiplication to practice some subtraction & addition, just for a change of pace & some review. We're getting back to multiplication tomorrow. He's doing great with his Geographic terms, and really enjoys looking for examples of each. He is enjoying his study of Astronomy immensely. He isn't enjoying studying Ancient China as much as studying Space, but he's enjoying it more than Dea did when she was younger. We're not just studying Ancient China. We also branch out into the rest of Ancient Asia. He's been having fun reading books of Myths & Legends from Asia. His Ancient China journal is almost full. Of course, he's still having a blast with Art, Music, Spanish, ASL, Latin, Computer Programming, and Logic. Though, we're not as far in some as I thought we'd be, since we've taken several days off & skipped some subjects some days.

Dea is making great strides in finishing her 7th grade year. She chose to redo Geography another year. So, all that's left is English, History, Algebra, and Biology. She will not be finished with Algebra by July (July 1st is the last day of her 7th grade). However, as long as she keeps putting in effort & not slacking on it, we'll allow her to finish it in 8th. We may also be sending it with her when she visits her grandma on her 2 week break between grades. She's almost done with History, and should have no problem finishing in time. She just finished her Grammar today. That leaves 2 essays (one is almost done) to hand in. She also has to watch Death of a Salesman and write a review of it (she's doing that tonight). Then English will be done. All that's left for Biology is the final. She is taking that on Friday, so she has the week to study for it. She is also going to be doing an extra assignment while on break. She will be doing a study of the lake she'll be staying at with her grandma.

So, that's what's been going on around here. I kind of hope things calm down a bit soon. It's getting a bit chaotic.