Monday, June 6, 2011

What do you get....?

What do you get when you mix brats, italian sausage, hot dogs, really awesome burgers, corn on the cob, strawberry & blueberry shortcake, 12 2-liters of diet soda, 9 packages of Mentos, rock salt, and some water balloons?

You get one really great cookout! Yesterday, my sis, her fiance, and a few of their kids came over for a cookout & for Diet Coke & Mentos Day. We set off a dozen 2-liters of diet soda. Most were Diet Coke, but the kids wanted to test a few others. So, we also tried a generic diet cola, a caffeine free diet cola, and a generic Dr Pepper. We tried various amounts of Mentos, rock salt, and Mentos & rock salt together. It was great!

After the soda fountains, the kids wanted to have a  water balloon fight. We had 1000 water balloons, so they should have been able to have a HUGE fight. Unfortunately, none of the kids can fill or tie water balloons. So they ended up with about 15 balloons. After they threw those, we let them just use the hose. Next time, I will fill the balloons ahead of time of them. While the kids played in the water, the adults cooked the food.

Some of the kids' neighborhood friends came over and played. A little while after everyone finished eating, we decided it was a bit warm outside & headed into the house. Dea stayed out & rode bikes with one of her friends, the other kids watched a movie, and the adults palyed some cards.

It was a fun, relaxing day. Everyone had a great time.