Monday, June 27, 2011

When Did Life Get So Busy?

Wow! Has it really been almost a week since I last blogged?

My hubby had last week off work. He spent most of it in the garage with my sister's boyfriend/fiance, working on the car that hasn't worked since we got it. The kids and I got some school done, but not as much as usual.

Dea handed in one of her two remaining essays. It isn't perfect, but is a huge improvement over previous essays. So, I made some marks on it & gave it back. That lead to her getting upset & almost bursting into tears, because in her mind not perfect = sucks. She also handed in her review of Death of a Salesman. It was not good. So, I am making sure that she reads a variety of critic reviews, to get a better idea of what a review should be like. I am also planning on adding writing reviews to her writing for next year, to get more practice with it.

Dea had a friend spend the night last week, and they were up all night long. Then, Dea spent the weekend at a friend's for a birthday party. This is her last week of 7th grade. She may (or may not) be in a wedding this weekend & then will be off to the lake for her break.

We're trying to figure out some kind of schedule that will allow hubby to get his school work done, without leaving me to do all the housework. that doesn't seem to be working too well, especially since he's also supposed to be working with Dea on her Math.

Our city is doing Movies in the Park every week this summer, and Music in the Park twice a week. We're trying to go to some of the movies and concerts.

We have two different family reunions happening this summer. We have family, on both sides, that are not doing well. So, we're tyring to find time & ways to visit/help them.

I'm still dealing with whatever this respiratory thing is. Working out seems to help, but missing even one day sets me back quite a bit.

Somehow, life has become crazy busy. There's the season specific stuff - the movies & concerts, cookouts, family reunions, 4th of July. There's the school stuff - regular school work ofr Jay, Dea's year winding down, Dea's upcoming break, Dea's new year starting in 3 weeks. There's my hubbuy's stuff - work, working on cars, school work, music. There's the regular stuff - housework, yard work, meals to cook, library, grocery shopping, Dr appointments, therapy appointments. Then, of course, there's social lives, birthday parties, etc. That isn't even including my stuff, hobbies, or those unplanned extras that always seem to pop up.

I have to figure out a way to pare this down.