Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Band Jazz

Yesterday, we went to a Big Band Jazz concert. I think that Dea would really have enjoyed it, but she's still at my grandpa's. Jay did enjoy it, but he was hungry (half our dinner got ruined). He complained several times about being hungry, which irritated hubby (and to a lesser extent, me). So, it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been (though, we still had a good time). We've decided to stop trying to eat dinner before these events & just take a picnic dinner with us. I started getting a headache about midway throught the concert. I managed to hold it off until we were walking back to the car & I got hit by some very bright headlights. I still can't get rid of this stupid headache.

The concert was good. They had a few songs with vocals, and the singer didn't do the best job. There was only one song with vocals that I really thought was bad, though. It was the patriotic song they finshed with. It just wasn't the right kind of song for him. They did a Tom Jones song, which I could have done without (I've always hated the song). Other than that, it was great. Jay didn't recognize most of the songs. There were a few that he said sounded familiar, but he couldn't place them. He recognized the Glenn Miller songs, though, especially 'In the Mood'. I wish the audience had been a bit more lively, though. Everyone just sat quietly, clapping when songs ended. A few people finally got up to dance for the second to last song. A good portion of the audience left early, too.

Tonight is Movie in the Park night. I have to figure out what to pack for our picnic dinner. We won't be doing grocery shopping before we go, so I have to make due with what we have left around the house. We'll be doing the shopping tomorrow, so I'll be able to pick up picnic stuff for the Blues concert tomorrow night & any other things we're doing over the next week. I was thinking about making some banana bread, cornmeal muffins, or pumpkin bread. I'm not so sure about that now. That's a lot of baking with a migraine (which will inevitably get worse each time I open the oven). We don't have the stuff for sandwiches, either. Maybe today we'll just pick up some fried chicken & french bread. I can make some popcorn to take, and we've got fruit. That should work for today.

Jay is waiting until Dea gets home to do anymore Latin. She has been doing his Latin along with him, so he doesn't want to move ahead without her. We're working on his other subjects. Though, many days we're doing very little (if any) actual school work. He's been up late almost every night for the last week, due to all the stuff we've been doing. Last Friday was Movie in the Park, Sunday was a family reunion at hubby's parents', Monday was fireworks for the 4th, and Tuesday was a baseball game (though I didn't do some of that due to my migraine). He was up late again last night, for the concert. I'm hoping he's not too tired to get some work done today.