Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day in the Life

The kids slept downstairs last night because it was just too hot upstairs. When they got up this morning, they got themselves breakfast. Then, I let them play until 9am.

At 9am, Jay decided to do his hour of reading. He finished Gregor the Overlander last night, and started a Goosebumps this morning. While he read, Dea & I did English. This is her first week of 8th grade. She has opted for doing Easy Grammar all year, instead of just during Term 2. So, I write her daily lesson out on the whiteboard. She copies the sentences onto paper, making the needed corrections. Then, I make the corrections on the board, and she checks her work against that. With 'Answer May Vary' answers, I have her tell me what her answers were, so we can discuss if they are correct or not & why. The last sentence, in Easy Grammar lessons, is always a 'combine the sentences.' She writes her sentence on the whiteboard, so I can check it for proper punctuation, etc. I'm also having her do All About Spelling, because her spelling is in need of serious work. Since I bought AAS Levels 1 & 2 for Jay, I figured it won't hurt Dea to do some review with them. She is, of course, flying through the program. She's actually really enoying it, which kind of surprises me (and really makes me wish I had started her on it much sooner). Then, we do Put That in Writing. Writing is another area that she really needs help.

At 10am, Jay finished quiet reading time & Dea finished English. She then worked in Oxford Latin. Jay and I did his Language Arts. He did some Easy Grammar and AAS. He's got an assignment in Discover the Deck that is due this Friday. I think he decided to take the day off from working on it, though.

From 10:30 - 11:30am, Dea read from The Illiad, and Jay was on the computer. He spent the first 30 minutes doing Math. He started with a game to practice perimeter & area, then spent some time playing Timez Attack. He'll be starting Defeating Division next week. After Math games, he played some other educational games, until lunch.

After lunch, the kids played for a bit. They had to stay inside, since it was mid 90s by mid-morning.

Next, Dea did some Math. Jay did 2 pages in Creating Line Designs book 2, 2 pages in Key to Measurement book 1, and 1 page in Logic Safari. Then, the three of us did ASL with Signing Time volume 2 Playtime Signs. Dea did some housework, and Jay went on the computer to do some Logo Adventures.

Dea had a therapy appointment this afternoon. After hubby got home, he showered. We left for Dea's appointment shortly after that. We didn't get done with her appointment until about 6pm. So, we stopped at Taco Bell to pick up dinner (I was going to cook a roast in the crock pot, but it was too big).

After dinner, we relaxed and read articles to each other until Jay's bedtime. We decided to let the kids sleep downstairs again. It has been around 80 all week. I think there's something wrong with A/C; it really shouldn't be 80 when the thermostat is set at 72-74. 

The heat is not good for my asthma. I've been ok, not problems breathing. I have not been working out, however. I can't workout in high temps without it resulting very bad asthma attacks. We let the kids watch a movie (Journey to the Center of the Earth) before bed. It's just about over. Then, they'll be shutting of the tv & going to sleep. Hubby is in bed reading & will likely turn the light off soon. I will be up for hours still, reading, watching tv shows or movies that only I enjoy (or that are inappropriate for the kids), and doing some research on the computer.