Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How we've been doing

Ok, so I tried doing daily posts about what we do, but it was too much time each day. I also tried doing a post each week covering what we did for school all week, but oftern forget. So, now I'm thinking about doing a 'Day in the life' post once a week, that would show we do that day, and a still attempting a weekly 'Our Week' post.

This isn't a 'Day in the Life' post, though. It's just goning to be a quick update on our schooling over the last few weeks.

Last week & this week, Dea is on break. So, it's just Jay doing school. Actually, it's jsut Jay at home, since Dea is out of town. We actually haven't done much Language Arts, except reading every day. He is refusing to move to the next chapter in Latin until Dea gets home, so we're just doing some review. We're also not moving on in ASL until Dea gets back. We need to get back into the habit of doing Spanish & Logo Adventures; we haven't done any since we were having hard drive issues a few weeks back. He's been doing Math, and doing it well. He's finished all the regular pages in Mastering Multiplication and is now doing the 'Additional Topics' in the back. We've done some Science & History, but have slacked on Geography. He's done several pages in Logic and Creating Line Designs (Art). He's decided that he needs to wait on learning guitar; it hurts his wrist & hand. He's spent time on the computer doing fun, educational stuff.

So, we haven't been doing all the stuff we had planned, but we're not really behind either. There has just been so much going on that it has been hard to fit everything in. Jay has been sleeping in more, since he's been up late so many nights. We've had company more than ususal & have been going out more. So, trying to fit it all in has just isn't working.