Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Didn't Go As Planned

Since I still had a headache for most of Friday, we didn't do any bookwork. We watched some of the shows I'd found for Jay's Science & History studies and some Mythbusters. Jay read some of the library books we've got out for school & started a new Goosebumps book (he just finished reading Found). Then, he spent some time on the computer.

Friday evening we went to Movies in the Park and watched Iron Man. We went with my sister, her fiance, and one of my nieces. After the movie, they came over to our house. We watched Iron Man 2 and played some cards.

Saturday morning, I was excited about the Blues concert we were plannign to attend that night. Plans changed, however, and we spent the day cleaning the house & doing lice treatments. We have no idea where it came from, but only Jay & I had it.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon at my sister's house, for a cookout & card game. Just as we were getting home, our alarm system was set off. After a call from the alarm company, a visit from the police, and checking the house inside & out, we were convinced that the house was secure. It took some work to convince Jay that the house was secure, but we eventually got him to go to bed.

My mom graduated this weekend. It was one more thing I missed due to everything that's been going on lately. She is now a licensed & certified massage therapist. Yeah, the career choice has a bit of a flaky reputation, and it's not the most reliable career option. I'm proud of her, though. It takes some guts to go back to school, at her age. Plus, she really worked for this. So, even though I joke & poke fun (that is simply our way), I am proud of her.

This morning, I woke to a beautiful thunderstorm. It was so relaxing to spend my morning alone, listening to the rolling thunder, rushing wind, and rythmic drumming of the rain. I let Jay sleep in, mostly because he needed the sleep. The storm was uiet by the time he got up. We're going to get some housework & schoolwork done today. He's currently on the computer playing games to practice his Latin. I talked to Dea this morning (still at my grandpa's house), and she told me she can hardly wait to start 8th grade. We'll be going out to pick her up on Saturday. She'll start 8th grade next Monday.