Monday, August 8, 2011

Grade 2 Term 1 Coming to an End

Today is the first day of what should be the last week of Jay's 2nd grade Term 1. We slacked a few days last week, due to excruciating pain in my back & neck and the headaches the pain has been causing. We're hoping to be able to finish off the work this week, but may need ot extend into next week a little. Mainly, we need to finish off our studies for Science & History - the last few books to read & projects to finish.

I'm working on a few posts, which I should be able to post this weekend. One is on our Astronomy study - listing all the books we read, shows/documentaries we watched, the most used websites, etc. One is on our study of Ancient China, similar to the Astronomy post. The third is a recap of Term 1 - what we did in each subject, resources used, a list of the books Jay read for fun, etc. Obviously, I can't finish them until we're done with this term, but am hoping to post them within a few days of term's end.