Sunday, September 4, 2011


Last week was Jay's first week of term 2. His History topic for this term is Native Americans. Over his break, he finished his Native American flute. Last week, he decorated it and started learning to play. We were also going to make a Dreamcatcher, but I had a headache that day, so it didn't get done. We decided to make it today. I had to help him with it, because buckskin lacing and artificial sinew are not easy for a 7 year old to work with alone. It is now hanging in his bedroom.

He's really proud of it, and I think we did a pretty good job.

The kids helped their dad work on their grandma's car today. They had fun getting greasy and yanking parts out of the car.

Tomorrow, we're having a cookout at my sister's house. Dea is making deviled eggs. Jay is making cucumber salad. I am making stuffed burgers and potatoes of awesomeness (the kids named the potatoes). We'll spend the morning cooking and head over around lunch time.