Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everything Changes

Have you ever noticed that I post about something around here changing an awful lot? Well, guess what? That's right! Things are about to change again.

This time, it's not just school that's changing, though. My hubby's work schedule will be changing in a few weeks. He will be moving to a different shift. This will mean moving our big, hot, homemade family meal from dinner to lunch. That way, he still gets a hot meal with us and isn't stuck with just leftovers everyday (he takes leftovers for his lunch). Then, the kids and I will eat a smaller, lighter meal in the evening, probably something similar to our current lunches.

Since he'll be home for a different part of the day, we may be changing when we do our schooling, too. We tend to have some difficulties getting much school done while he's home, with the current schedule. So, the days of the week & the time of day we do school might change.

We're also changing Jay's Geography. He doesn't like the textbook World Geography & You, so I'm making Geography less textbooky. He likes Map Corner, so we'll continue using that. I had some state flag stickers and U.S. flag stickers. I put one sticker each on an index card. I hole punched the cards & put them on an index card ring. Each week, he'll have an assignment or activity to do. We'll start with finding basic info about the states - capital, flower, motto, time zone, etc. He'll write the info on the card for each state. Eventually, we'll  add more challenging info - National Parks, major industries, geographic features, etc. We have the Eat Your Way Through the USA cookbook, which we'll use to try recipes from each state. I'm not quite sure of all the work I'll have him do. I've only been working on this plan for a few days.

On top of all the other changes going on, Dea is dealing with some changes of her own. She finally made friends in the neighborhood, good kids that weren't a bad influence and she really liked them. Earlier in the summer, one of them moved away. The others moved away this week. They didn't just moved across town, but out of state. She is hurting, but is doing her best to feel better.

So, lots of changes here. Hopefully, the transition will be smooth & somewhat easy.