Saturday, September 10, 2011

History Term 2

Jay has started his 2nd term of 2nd grade. Our History focus this term is Native American History. He will be keeping a journal of his study. We will start in South America, then Mesoamerica, followed by the Southwest, the Great Basin, California, Plateau, Northwest Coast, Arctic, Subarctic, Plains, Eastern Woodlands, and ending with the Southeast. For each region, there will be more of a focus on 1 or more tribes. It will be a bit more of an overview than I would really like, but we will go more in-depth in later years (we want to make sure that the kids have a decent understanding of their heritage & we have Native ancestry).

I mentioned in a previous post that our Thanksgiving Dinner will be only foods available to the various groups of Natives, pre-Columbus. I haven't yet finalized the menu, but hope to have recipes from several tribes, as well as recipes of my own. So far, we've done a few things and read a few books, and Jay seems to be quite interested in our topic. I'm very glad of this, as I want the kids to enjoy learning about our ancestry.