Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Love a Cookout

I love cookouts. It's so great to get friends and/or family together, have awesome food, and enjoy nice weather. Of course, I personally feel that Spring & Autumn are ideal times for cookouts. Winter is really just too cold, and Summer is too hot. When it's already 85*F and humid, I have no desire to sit by a fire. However, when it's about 55*F and there's a nice cool breeze, sitting around the grill as the food cooks is so nice. There's also the fact the my husband almost always grills with wood, only using charcoal occasionally. So, cookouts, for me, are like the best parts of camping.

Yesterday, we took the kids to the Art Fair. We saw some truly beautiful work. There were paintings, 3D paintings, graphic design, ceramics, jewelry, woodworks, those cool lawn ornaments made from rusty old tools, and photography. Most of it was beyond what we were prepared to spend yesterday. We stopped and looked at each booth. The kids were very talkative and very vocal about which pieces they liked. Many of the artists appreciated the kids comments on their works, and some of them had conversations with the kids. There were a few who were too busy talking with other people to acknowledge the kids & their comments, though. After we walked through and saw everything, we gave the kids their budget and told them they could each pick one thing. Jay got a set of notecards that just beautiful. Dea got a really cool key chain with a ball of tiger's eye.

We also picked up the kids' Halloween costumes. We still need to get the makeup and a few accessories. We picked up a few decorative Halloween stuff, too. The kids would have bought everything Halloween in the store, if we would have let them.

After the grocery shopping, Halloween costumes, and Art Fair were done, we relaxed at home for a few hours before pulling out the grill. My sis and her fiance came over. We had awesome food - pork chops, steaks, broccoli, carrots, and mushroom caps on the grill, plus, potato salad, pasta salad, and French Silk pie. It was fairly late in the day when they came over, so there wasn't a lot of time spent outside. We spent the evening playing cards, listening to music, talking, and laughing.

We're doing another cookout next weekend. We're having Duct Tape Day - a day to make cool things out of Duct Tape, have a cookout, and make cool floating paper lanterns. In October, we have some fun, free stuff on weekends that we're hoping to do and we'll be hitting the apple orchard as soon as we can. So, the next few months should be pretty fun. See, this is when the Holiday Season starts for me. Halloween is my favorite holiday & I can hardly wait to start decorating. I will be waiting until after Duct tape Day, though. After we've cleaned up from Duct Tape Day, we'll start decorating the house for Halloween. Next weekend also starts of Horror Movie Month. For the month of October, we watch mainly horror movies and Halloween-themed movies. We watch some that are kid-friendly, and I watch the not-so-kid-friendly ones on my own. This year, though, Dea will be able to watch more of the not-for-kid ones with me. Isn't this time of year wonderful?