Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movies For October

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I tend to celebrate all month long. The month of October, for us, is always full of Halloween themed movies, horror/scary movies, decorating for Halloween, making Halloween decorations, reading Halloween themed books, etc.

So, I've been working on a list of movies & shows for us to watch this October. I have it split into 2 parts right now - Kid Movies and Not Kid Movies. I'll have to do some editing & split again to make it work for us. In the end I'll have: Movies both kids can watch, Movies Dea can watch with me, Movies hubby will watch with me, and Movies I'll watch alone. Hubby isn't as into Halloween and horror as I am. So, I don't make him watch all the stuff I watch in October. I'll leave it as just the 2 lists for this post, though.

Kid movies: These are movies that I feel are aimed at kids and/or families. Keep in mind that my youngest is currently 7, so there's stuff on here that might be too much for younger kids.

The Halloweentown series - There are 4 movies in this series. I like the first 3, not much of a fan of the 4th. They are from Disney, which originally made me hesitate, but we gave them a shot & I'm glad we did. These are not scary. They are not gory. What they are is fun. The basic story of the first is 3 kids find out that their family is well-known, in a place called Halloweentown, for being very powerful witches. Their grandmother lives in Halloweetown, and the kids decide to pay her a visit. The town is full of various magical creatures & monsters (all pretty cheesy costumes, not scary gory stuff). Halloweentown is in danger & they have to save it. The rest of the series continues to follow the adventures of the family.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - The classic we all grew up with. We watch it on TV every year.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Fun for the whole family. The king of Halloween Town discovers Christmas Town and tries to put on Christmas in Halloween Town. Strange, funky animated movie for all ages.

Corpse Bride - Yet another strange animated movie from Tim Burton. Johnny Depp voices the main character, Victor, who accidentally marries a dead woman.

Casper - Family-friendly, fun movie about Casper (the friendly ghost), his 3 mischievous uncles, and the 'fleshies'n that have moved into their house.

The Witches - Based on Roald Dahl's book, this movie is one I have enjoyed since I was a kid (I was only about 10 when it came out). Anjelica Huston is the Grand High Witch at the witch convention, which has gathered to plot a way of ridding the world of children (by turning them to mice).

Coraline - I haven't seen this one, yet. Dea has read the book, and both kids have seen & enjoyed the movie.

The Watcher in the Woods - Another movie I've enjoyed since childhood. I was so excited when I finally found it on DVD and could have the kids watch it. It's a good, creepy, mystery for kids.

The Harry Potter series - If I need to explain what these are, you have been living in a cave. My suggestion, in that case, would be to go to any video rental place, library, Walmart, or any other place that sells/lends/rents books/movies.

Beetlejuice - Another from my childhood, this one is a fun ghost flick, from Tim Burton. Although rated  PG, this one does have a questionable scene where Beetlejuice is in a brothel. (one of the two on this list my kids haven't already seen)

The Monster Squad - Yet another from my childhood. This one is a fun movie about a group of kids who fight to  keep Dracula and other movie monsters from taking over the world.

Ghost Busters - This one does have a few questionable moments. Mostly, though, it is a fun ghost movie enjoyed by kids & adults. It's rated PG, but was before PG-13 existed. So, maybe re-watch it before letting the younger crowd see it, just to be sure it's ok. Also, some of the content could be scary for younger kids. (the other one my kids haven't watched yet)

The Addams Family -  While a bit different from the TV show, this movie is fun for the whole family.

Addams Family Values - I don't enjoy this one quite as much as the first, but I do love the scenes at summer camp.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Another classic we all grew up with. We watch this every year when they play it on TV, too.

Not Kid Movies: These are the ones that I'll hopefully be watching - a few with all of us, some with hubby, some with Dea, and the rest alone.

The Shining - The Jack Nicholson one. This will be a just me movie. It might not be faithful to the book, but I still enjoy it.
Sleepy Hollow - Again, not a faithful retelling, but I enjoy it. This one Dea will watch with me.
Shaun of the Dead - This is a fun zombie flick. Hubby loves this one, so he'll watch it with me. We'll let Dea watch it, not sure about Jay.
Night of the Living Dead - the original. This year will be Dea's first intro to Romero. We might watch some others in the series, or some of the remakes.
Fido - This is actually a good movie. I was expecting it to be funny, but was not expecting it to be touching. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was both.
Bram Stoker's Dracula - not faithful to the book. However, even though it wasn't an incredibly impressive movie, I still enjoy it. This will be a just me movie.
Interview with the Vampire  - This will be one that Dea watches with me. I think it's time she gets to see a contemporary vampire movie where the vampires don't sparkle.
Dracula 2000 - The first time I saw this one, I didn't like it. However, I gave it a second chance and do appreciate it more now.
1408 - Hubby might be watching this one with me, since he does like it, not sure about the kids, though.
Children of the Corn - the original. Dea will get to watch this one with me.
The Birds - We'll all watch this.
Psycho - the original. We'll all watch this one.
The Haunting - The kids love this movie, so they'll watch it with me.
Omen - the original. The kids can watch this with me if they want.
Dracula - the Bela Lugosi one. We'll all watch this. It's hubby's favorite Dracula movie & totally appropriate for the kids.
Rose Red - The kids love this one, too. So, they'll watch this with me.
The Lost Boys - I love this movie. The kids will watch it with me. Hubby probably will.
Frankenstein - not sure which one yet
Creature From the Black Lagoon - The kids will watch with me, hubby might.
Wolf Man - Probably all of us.
Rosemary's Baby - This year will be Dea's intro to this movie
Sweeney Todd - I've never seen this. I've had it for years, but haven't watched it yet.
Frogs - Have never seen this one, either. The kids will probably watch it with me.
The Last Man on Earth - All of us.
The Ghoul - The kids want to watch this one.
The Mummy's Curse - Another one the kids requested.
The Mummy - We watch this & The Mummy Returns pretty much every October.
Jurassic Park - We watch this series pretty much every October, too.
IT - Dea wants to watch this one. Jay has asked to, but I don't think I'll let him this year.
House on Haunted Hill - The kids will watch the original with me and Dea might watch the remake with me.
Rocky Horror Picture Show - I watch this every year. I love this movie.

Now, I have no guarantee that we'll get to watch all of these. Some of these we don't own, which means we might not get to see them. Some are available on Netflix Instant Streaming. Others we'll have to borrow, either from Netflix or the library. Those will be the problem ones. Of course, these aren't necessarily the only movies we'll watch, either. We may come across others that we decide we want to watch. It's a preliminary plan, though.