Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nitty Gritty

There is a conversation on Secular Homeschool that has digressed a bit into the topic of blogging just the shiny, happy days vs blogging the days when you wish you had a batting cage in your back yard for stress relief.

That conversation got me thinking about how often I post about the bad parts of our days. I know that I post about us not getting all our school work done, the many changes that happen within our schooling, and some of our struggles with getting Dea to do Math or getting Jay to write legibly. I also post rants & vents about how irritated I am at various people and/or situations. However, I don't know how often I really post the nitty gritty details of just how difficult our life can be.

So, I thought I'd give some nitty gritty details today.

This is what the kitchen looks like after a week of me being sick & unable to keep up on dishes:

This is what my 13 year old's bedroom looks like. It was clean less than a week ago.

This is the paint they peeled off a wall in the school room, for no reason other than they were bored (the joys of fidgety kids with ADHD):

This is the hole in school room wall from my daughter having anger issues & slamming the door open & into the wall too many times (the joys of Bipolar):

I've been spending much of the last week purging & doing a deep clean of the house, because there wasn't a room in it that was clean & uncluttered.

So, there are some of the nitty gritty details of our life. I'm not picking on my kids. I'm not posting this hoping to get more readers. Hell, I'm cool with the fact that I have less than 30 followers.  I'm posting this because it's honest. I'm an honest person. I don't like to sugar-coat things & I sure as hell don't like to lie. I'm not trying to appear perfect or like I have it all together. I'm not going to post only the good stuff because the truth is that my life also includes the bad stuff. I try to post more of the good than the bad, because I'm trying to be more positive in my life and bitching constantly won't help that. So, I try to focus more on the good. I'm not an optimistic person, I've always been a bit of a pessimist. I'm not trying to change that, I'm just trying to acknowledge the good when it happens. I don't want to push my perfectionist issues or my OCD tendencies on my kids. So, I try to focus more on positive than negative.

In other words, if you're looking for a blog that is full of the negative aspects of life in a house full of ADHD, Bipolar, and other issues, this blog isn't for you. If you're looking for a blog full of Happy Happy Joy Joy moments, only showing the shiny perfect days, this isn't the blog for you either. If you're looking for a blog about a real family, with real issues, real good days, real bad days, and a sometimes obnoxious honest streak, you just might stick around.