Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Orchard & Other Fun Stuff

Yesterday, we went to the Apple Orchard. We started at the petting zoo:

These goats are always in the corner. Last time, there was one standing with his nose pressed in the corner. We've decided that the goats must be naughty, as they always seem to be in time out...

Here's the rather shaggy looking young cow:

Most of the chickens:

I think this chicken has a bit of an identity crisis, though:

He wasn't in with the rest of the chickens. Instead, he was in with these guys:

After the petting zoo, the kids played on the playground & did the maze. Then, we picked Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Jonagold apples. We were good and only ate a few apples while we picked. Next, we headed into the store where we let the kids pick out some candy, got a gallon of apple cider, and (of course) a dozen warm apple cider donuts. We each ate one donut & the kids played some more on the playground before we left.
On the way home, this is what the sky looked like:
Isn't it beautiful?

This morning, the kids were up early. I got Jay to go back to bed, but Dea couldn't fall asleep. She took the puppy out to watch the sunrise. She took the camera with and got a few good shots of the sunrise:

Some of the dog, watching the sunrise:

And a few of the squirrel that came to watch the sunrise with them:

This afternoon, Jay spent some time alone in the school room. He's almost never quiet, even when he's asleep. So, I'm usually a bit concerned when he gets quiet like that. When I went into the room, this is what I saw:

He made a scarecrow! Isn't it adorable? The eyes are the eyes from a toy we bought the puppy. She ripped the eyes off, so Jay figured he could use them. He set them on top of the eyes of the stuffed Jack-o-Lantern he used as the head.