Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween - It's Not and Never Will Be a Christian Holiday - Get Over It!

I am a huge fan of Halloween. It is, and always has been, my favorite holiday. I truly hate the way that society is trying to ruin my holiday. First, they stopped allowing students to wear their costumes to school. Then, they put in place these ridiculous time limits on Trick-or-Treating. Now, some places have put age limitations on Trick-or-Treating. Plus, many people don't even hand out candy anymore, which makes Trick-or-Treating even more of a hassle.

As if the cities, and people's apathy aren't doing enough damage, you have the churches that do those stupid 'Christianize the Pagan holiday' celebrations. If you don't want your kid to celebrate Halloween because it's a Pagan holiday, fine. Don't celebrate, but don't think that taking them to some stupid Christianized Halloween celebration at a church isn't completely hypocritical. It's still a Halloween celebration, and Halloween is a Pagan holiday. It doesn't matter how many Bible passages you throw at kids on that day, or if you force them to go to a church to celebrate, or if you only allow stupid 'non-scary' and non-occult/Pagan themed costumes like angels, princesses, and Spongebob. Halloween is still a Pagan holiday, with Pagan roots, Pagan symbols, Pagan traditions, and it will always be a Pagan holiday. It doesn't matter how many pathetic ordinances you get passed regarding time & age limits on Trick-or-Treating, or how many churches offer 'Christian' celebrations on Halloween, or whatever other inane crap you throw at us. Halloween is a Pagan holiday and it always will be. Halloween is not about the candy. It is not about finding 'cute' costumes. It's not about showcasing YOUR talents & creativity by making better costumes than the other moms you know.

Halloween is NOT the time for you to spew your anti-any religion other than yours propaganda. How would you like it if other religions attacked your beliefs, your ancestors, your history on Christmas? Seriously, how would you like it if a bunch of Pagan organizations - Satanic Churches, Wiccan Temples, etc. - decided to start doing a Pagan version of Christmas, on Christmas day, and widely advertised it as 'The Pagan Alternative to Christmas'? I bet you'd throw a damn fit. I bet you'd be all over the internet, writing to your newspapers, having your church speak out against it, even contacting TV stations to broadcast your bitch-fit about how wrong it is. Yet, we're expected to sit quietly by and allow you to stomp all over our beliefs & traditions. We're expected to just say "Oh look, isn't it nice that the Christian church is yet again trying to force their agenda and again trying to take over OUR HOLIDAY!

I'm not expecting that everyone that celebrates Halloween will have a true understanding of it's roots. I'm not expecting that everyone that celebrates it is a Pagan. I'm neither stupid nor naive. However, you can at least have the decency to stop trying to take over this Pagan holiday with your Christian beliefs. You can have the decency to stop trying to shove your religion down my throat, especially since I don't try to shove my beliefs down yours. If you want to celebrate Halloween, fine. If you want to only allow 'nice' costumes, fine. If you want to shut off your porch light, not hand out candy, and ignore the holiday, fine. However, taking your kids to a celebration of a Pagan holiday, at a church, is still hypocritical. Handing out religious tracts/pamphlets/Bible passages with or instead of candy is extremely disrespectful, and you would be better off not handing out anything. I don't try to convert your kids to Paganism, so stop trying to convert mine to Christianity (Though, I don't know that it would really count as converting, since my kids have not yet chosen a religion, and are currently religion neutral. The point remains the same, though).

Let me just say, I am not anti-Christian. I am Anti-pushing your religion on everyone else because you think that your opinion & your rights outweigh those of everyone else. I have nothing against Christians, or people of any other religion celebrating Halloween. I am against trying to turn it into a Christian holiday and/or using it as an excuse to force your beliefs on other people. I know that not all Christians are like this. This rant is not directed at those who DON'T shove their religion down others' throats. It is directed at those who do (and really, those people likely aren't reading my blog, anyway).