Thursday, October 6, 2011

Schooling Update

I haven't posted much on here about our schooling lately. So, I thought I'd do a quick update.

Dea really doesn't like the program we're using for Writing. I bought it because it is thorough, step-by-step, and an intensive program. Writing is the area that she struggles with the most. So, I figured that something that is this thorough & step-by-step would be good for her. She really doesn't like it, though. The problem with that is that when Dea doesn't like a program, she will purposefully do a crappy job on her assignments. Instead of coming to me & saying "Mom, I really am not happy with this program. The things I don't like about it are X, Y, and Z. Is there something we can do about this, or can we look for a different program," she whines, cries, and has temper tantrums. Then, she does a half-assed job on every assignment in it. She can't just suck it up and deal with it for this year, and help me find something more suited to her for next year. She can't just act like a freaking halfway mature person and speak to me about it. She has to act like a toddler. So, we just happen to find a Writing course (well, several actually) that we can access free through the library. It has an actual instructor who seems to be pretty understanding about Dea's issues in this area. Dea wanted to try, so I let her sign up. At this point, all I can do is hope that this works out. So, she is doing that for Writing & Grammar (the course she's currently working on covers both). She's also taking a course on dog training, so she can train the new puppy. We got a free 2 month trial of Aleks, which will end in about a week. She has been doing that for Math. She is still doing her Oxford Latin and Latin For Children with Jay. She is currently reading The Odyssey and doing an assignment for it (writing Jeopardy-style questions in at least 5 categories, with a minimum of 5 questions per category).

Jay has also been doing the free trial of Aleks. He's doing that 4 days a week and a page from Defeating Division 1 day a week. He has been continuing with Easy Grammar, Grammar Tales, Tell Me More Spanish, ASL, Discover the Deck, and Logo Adventures. He has been reading tons of books, as usual. We have not been very good about getting Spelling done every day, so he's not done with level 1 of AAS yet. He's almost done with level 1, though. He's stopped guitar & taken up Native American flute. He hates one of the programs we were using for Geography, so we're trying something different. We're currently reviewing the Latin he's done up to now. I'm trying to take a more relaxed approach with him. I work with him every day to make sure that Language Arts, Math, Latin, Science, and History get done. Then, I'd like to leave the rest up to him. If he is doing each of the other subjects regularly, at least once a week, I'd like to continue it that way. This allows him the freedom he craves and still provides the structure he needs. The subjects that would be let to him are ones that either I don't find terribly necessary or that he has so much interest in that I know he'll do them. So, we've been working on making that idea work for us.

As for me, I am also taking a few classes through the online school we get access to through the library. I'm taking a class on Nutrition. I'm not exactly a newbie to the topic, but figured a class couldn't hurt. I'm taking a class on haunted places, because it's a fun topic. I've also signed up for a class on Interior Decorating. We're redecorating the kids' bedrooms, and thought I might get some good info or ideas from this class.

So, that's my quick update on what we're doing around here.