Saturday, November 19, 2011

Changes, again (shocking I know)

I had completely forgotten about a conversation that Jay & I had some weeks back, in which we decided to drop the Terms for his school year. When Dea was younger, there were no time limitations on her studies. I planned out the work for the year, with an estimation of how long we'd spend on each, but it was all very flexible. I was still planning on being flexible with the time we spend on things, even with the year planned into 3 Terms of 15 weeks each. However, Jay sees the Terms as limits and it stresses him out that he might 'fall behind' schedule if he decides to dig deeper into a topic and spend extra time. So, we're dropping the Terms for his schooling. Dea will continue with her Terms, because she is doing all High School level work and therefore needs to get used to deadlines.

I will soon be updating the page for Jay's Curriculum to reflect our changes & showing all the work to be done in each subject.